Two pretty birds from Ghent recently started their own label KROOT. It all started with just the word Kroot (which means pretty guy/girl in a flemish dialect) on baseball caps but it grew out to a whole lot more!

They have a complete line now with different t-shirts, jumpers, beanies and five panel caps. Check out their website to order your own amazing jumper (or something else off course) and personalise it with your favourite number!

They're definitely bringing chique to the streets, you go girls!


What am I wearing 

Jumper - Kroot 
Jeans - Zara 
Sunglasses - Pimkie 

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche


Yesterday Axelle Red presented 'Myspecialproject' in the AED studios. She designed a capsule collection for the Belgian brand JBC. To show us this collection, they made a spectacular 360° catwalk movie on route 66, (by filming with nine(!) different cameras from one point). We didn't know where to look first, it was a absolutely an amazing experience!

She wanted to create silhouettes that fit all women, from tall to small and skinny to less skinny.
The collection is available as from today in the JBC stores.

You can take a look at the complete collection and watch the ad and 360° catwalk here.

Ph by Bram Laebens.

Grietje, Axelle and me having a little talk.


As you might have noticed. This weekend and the next one, Coachella takes place in the lovely, sunny California. This means that the festival season is officially opened, hooray!

One day I hope to go to Coachella but for this year I 'll stick to Rock Werchter, one of the most popular festivals in Belgium. What about you guys, what festivals are you going to this summer?

I went ahead and made a collage of possible festival outfits. Which one would you see yourself wearing?


I have been told I dress like a Tomboy more than I can count. So here is one for all the Tomboy fans out there!

The story about these amazing dungarees: My parents live close to Grenoble so I went shopping there with my mom. You can compare Grenoble a little to Leuven in Belgium. There are not a lot of stores and most of them are pretty small. So since there weren't a lot of shops I did the ones I normally don't go to. Like Pimkie, we have it in Belgium but I never go in. In my mind it was a store for teenagers but hey am I glad that teenagers apparently love to wear pretty dungarees!

I was looking for the perfect pair for a while now. Seems that it's a hell of an assignment. I never liked the colour or the fit until I saw this one. So hooray once again for Pimkie!

The Tomboy cap and bathing suit don't need explaining, I believe. Y'all know by now that I am a big fan of the Belgian brand Filles à papa. Eternal love for those two pretty ladies!

What am I wearing

Cap + Bathing suit - Filles à Papa
Dungarees + Sunglasses - Pimkie
Sneakers - Spartoo 

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche


I must say, I love these pants! And all that is jeans, for that matter. This was definitely one of my favourite combinations I styled for Essentiel.
So I didn't want to keep the rest of the photos from you guys! Have a nice day!

What am I wearing:

Jeans Jacket - Pull&Bear
Trousers - Essentiel 
Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith
Watch - Michael Kors
Ring - J.S. Kollins
Earpiece - Zara 

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche 


The Think Twice shops held their monthly sales again and I scored this entire outfit on the 2 euros day! What I really love about thrifted clothes is that you are probably the only person in the world that is wearing it. They just make your wardrobe a bit more unique.

I love to shop high street brands as well. You just have to find a great balance between thrifted, high street and couture. You'll find that it makes your sartorial life more original and fun!

What am I wearing

Jumper - Think Twice
Shirt - Think Twice 
Trousers - Think Twice 
Sneakers - Spartoo
Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche


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