As I mentioned before, Thalys was so kind to invite a few French and Belgian bloggers to discover the Cologne Fashion Weekend called "Le Bloc". They celebrated fashion by showing the designs of a few international designers (with Belgians amongst them) and organising little parties in the stores. Off course, I'm all in for that!

I've never visited Bonn nor Cologne before so I was very curious about these cities and what they had to offer. I really loved the complete atmosphere and although the Belgian fries stand in the street and the cute stores might have helped with that, I just liked the general feeling of both cities.

On Saturday, the event took place so we spent all day discovering Cologne and what it had to offer. A tour through town, a meet and greet with the designers of the fashion show and a lot of shopping time and a delicious lunch, we were definitely spoiled! Sunday, we took the train to Bonn, to discover the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition in the local art museum. Sadly we couldn't take pictures but it was absolutely stunning. If you're planning a trip to Germany soon, don't forget to put this on your must visit list!

Thank you for the amazing weekend, Thalys!


Sometimes, minimal is all you need. I have days (and I think you do too) where I don't want to wear a  lot of fuss and just keep it simple. And that should not be a problem at all! Just mind your details and jewellery and you're rocking a 'minimalistic' look in no time.

On Friday I'm going back to Barcelona to visit some friends and relive some of my memories of last year. I had the most amazing time over there and I really miss the atmosphere and the food even more! So I might hamster some delicacies to get trough the rest of the year..

What am I wearing 

Top - H&M 
Jeans - Samsoe Samsoe 
Sneakers - Adidas
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses - Tavat Eyewear

Ph by Julie from Bible of Fashion.


Hi guys! I was invited by Thalys to discover Cologne and attend their annual Le Bloc festival. It's kinda comparable to fashion week actually. A few designers from all over Europe (also Belgian) showed off their latest creations in the Belgian district in Cologne. And all the stores in that district were open late and served drinks. The full report will follow soon but I already wanted to show you one of the outfits I was wearing.

This cap is typically Amsterdam. A lot of Amsterdam's fashion girls walk around with a sailor cap on their heads. But apparently it is also something from Germany. Well I suppose wherever there are harbours, there are sailors! Aye aye!

What am I wearing:

Hat - Episode
Tshirt - H&M
Jacket - Pull&Bear
Jeans - Pull&Bear
Shoes - Adidas
Necklace - Mango
Ring - Vintage
Watch - Daniel Wellington

Ph by Julie Van Lommel aka Bible of Fashion


My most recent discovery: I'm into beiges. I would have never imagined that beige would be my colour but it happens to be perfect for me! Well I could use a little more tan but I truly love these soft tones for spring and summer. (Also very pretty by the way when mixed with soft greys!)

But although an all soft outfit would be nice, a girl like me can't give up her contrasts. So hello burgundy! Yet another one of my favourite colours! I think the burgundy adds a little depth to the outfit. Makes it go from comfortable and soft to mysterious and even luxurious.

Next week I'm going back to the hairdresser for one shade lighter. Are you guys as curious about the result as I am? I'm nervous already. I'll keep you up to date with snapchat on Sunday the 21st! You can find me under @anouklannoo

What am I wearing

Sunglasses - Mango
Necklace - Mango
Tshirt - H&M 
Shirt - Mango
Shoes - Zara
Bracelet - H&M

Ph by Roy Dik


When Accor asked me to try out one of their hotels, I wanted to make sure that I would discover new cities. So when my boyfriend and I scanned the list, Luxembourg popped up. We both had never been longer in Luxembourg than one hour. Actually we'd only been there to pass through to France on vacation. So the choice was made, come on Suite Novotel L√ętzebuerg!

After a warm welcome downstairs, we went up to discover our room. Hotels always give me a luxury, vacation feeling. Even though it was only a weekend, being away from the city you live in, really gives you the time to breathe. But when we entered the room, we stopped breathing for a moment. The room was super big and the curtain even made it seem like we had two of them! We truly felt like some celebs about to get ready for a red carpet. The room is equipped with a little kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom (shower + bathtub, hell yes!) and a living room.

After we spent an amazing night in that stylish room, we went down for a quick but delicious breakfast in the lobby. Nothing better then a soft boiled egg and some croissants and pistolets on a Sunday. A great start for our day of 'discovering Luxembourg'.

We walked around in the park and the city center. Sadly everything was closed since it was Sunday but still, it seemed like everybody was outside! Children playing on the town square, older people listening to a live band and a bit further there was even a schlager event going on. The people from Luxemburg make sure no weekend days are lost!

Thank you Enchante and Suite Novotel Luxembourg for the lovely stay!

Check the Suite Novotel Luxembourg website here.
Or other Hotels in Luxembourg.

What am I wearing:

Jacket - Pull&Bear
Sweater - Zoe Karssen
Jeans - Zara
Shoes - Adidas
Bag - Chanel

First two photos from
The rest of them by Roy Dik.


I have been an Acne fan ever since I first laid my eyes on one of those amazing pistol boots. I haven't managed to find my own perfect pair but when I came accross these, they struck me right away.

The colour, the zippers, everything just screamed: take me in! And so I did. Welcome to my booties family, Marlie!

Grietje and I woke up super early for this shoot. We wanted to do something around the Amsterdam sign but it is mostly super crowed by tourists. Except when you are early enough of course.
So here are the tourist free results, hooray! 

What am I wearing

Jacket - Pull&Bear
Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Pull&Bear
Boots - Acne 


When Nike invited me to take their new Vomero 10's on a testrun, I felt challenged. I haven't been practicing any sports for quite a while now so I was kinda curious how my condition would be.

I went on a run a week before the test to check if I wouldn't drop dead the first 5 min and I survived all 3.2 km of it. Since they mentioned it would be some warming up exercises and a little run through the city, I felt totally ready.

When I arrived at the spot, I wasn't surrounded by bloggers but a real running crew, the Urban Runners! My heart started racing even before the activities started. So after the little warm up, we started running. The tempo was already twice as high as my normal tempo and we even had to do little sprints in between! 6.6 km later you could pick me up from the floor! I felt like I was ran over by a truck. And I couldn't walk elegantly for at least 3 days after the run.

But I'm happy I did it and it truly made me realise I have to do more sports to keep up my 'condition' or at least what is left of it.

 The shoes were really nice though. Normally the pain in my knees prevents me from running too long but because of the great support, my knees could take some more. It is so important to invest in good shoes. You only have one body! So I guess I'll have to make a trip to the Nike store soon to get me some.

Ph by David Stegenga


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