Hi guys! Sorry for being a little absent lately but my agenda has been filled up with the most amazing events so I'll have loads to post about the coming weeks!

Here is the outfit I wore to the fashion show of the students of the Fashion Academy Antwerp. I spotted some really talented designers. The future of Belgian fashion definitely sounds promising!

The dress I'm wearing is a design of Storm & Marie, one of my favourite Scandinavian brands. Be sure to check out their website right here!

What am I wearing:

Belt - Zara
Shoes - Alexander Wang
Bag - Chanel
Watch - Cluse


Have you guys heard the awesome news yet? Weekday is coming to Belgium! And even better: to Antwerp. Now we can go check out the collections in real life in stead of travelling to the Netherlands to find them.

I've been really psyched with this news! Now we just need a Topshop, Madewell, Colette and J Crew and we are a proper shopping city. Did I miss any?

I'm wearing my blue Weekday jacket for the occasion and paired it with my crisp white Adidas NMD sneakers. Nothing but love for these ones!

What am I wearing 

Sunglasses - Kroot 
Jacket - Weekday
Jeans - Levi's
Sneakers - Adidas NMD via Zalando

Ph by Monica Ho


Please take me back to this beautiful blue sea! I just got back from San Sebastian but it already seems ages ago! Counting down the days to my next trip in June already. I'll be spending the OFF weekend in Barcelona, food, drinks and party 5 days long, hooray!

All these events and parties lately are taking it's toll so I've decided to make a few changes in my food pattern. For starters: no more croissants with Nutella as breakfast. (Ok maybe only on fridays) Instead, I'm switching to oats! I found this really nice brand called Karma Karma which makes oats for on the go. I just have to add some hot water and it is ready and delicious!

Secondly, I'm going to do a three day juice cleanse. A week without alcohol, coffee and meat: challenge accepted. It is going to be a tough one. You'll be able to follow everything on the blog and my Instagram account in two weeks!

Happy start of a new and healthy chapter!

What am I wearing

Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Scarf - H&M
Bomberjacket - Zara
Sweater - Pull&Bear
Leather pants - &OtherStories
Bag - Zara

Ph by Astrid Camblor Varela


Summer is coming! It is time to stop using the cold as an excuse to work out and get that sexy ass outside and moving! When I work out, I end up having the best feeling ever. But to get me to the point to actually head over to the gym, a lot of convincing is needed.

Friends are always a big help. Working out together and motivating each other, truly is the best way to stay/get fit. But another thing that might be convincing is the clothes you are working out with. I have to admit, I'm not at the top of my game when working out but wearing the right outfit can make you feel like you can take over the world. Even by running on a track, yes.

I actually spent most of my youth dancing. I practiced 10 years of ballet and I even had some breakdance classes. It has been such a long time ago but I still miss it. Maybe this great outfit is the perfect reason to go look for a new dancing school here in Antwerp. Let's get in shape!

What am I wearing:

Sunglasses - LeSpecs - Shop here
Croptop - Topshop - Shop here
Culottes - ICHI - Shop here
Bag - Royal RepubliQ - Shop here 
Shoes - Adidas - Shop here
Jacket - Levi's - Shop here

 Ph by Monica Harmony.


Last weekend, I've travelled to San Sebastian to visit my friend Astrid. San Sebastian is one of the most culinary (culinary capital of Europe even!) and surfy cities of Spain so I took my lovely O'neill wetsuit with me to try and practice some surfing in between the pintxos and txuleta.

We started off the weekend great, discovering the cute pintxos bars in the old part of town. And we kind of continued doing this the entire weekend. Going from bar to restaurant to bar, there was just so much to discover! Oh, whenever you visit the basque county, you can't forget to pair the food with some lovely vermut. It makes everything taste just that much more like summer.

Here are some tips for the future San Sebastian travellers:

La Madame
Astrid and I make it a habit to try out steak tartare at several different places till we find the best one of the city. La Madame won. The restaurant also turns into a bar at night and hosts parties from time to time so make sure to check one out! Fun fact: it used to be a brothel.

To eat txuleta of course!

Va bene burger bar
Best burgers in town.

Atari Gastroteka
Definitely my favourite pintxos bar in San Sebastian.

Literaly every pintxos bar in calle Fermin Calbeton Kalea but Bar sports and Bar Berria were my favourites.

And make sure to make a stop at Monte Igueldo, it is a tiny, funny amusement park on the top of a mountain with an amazing view over San Sebastian.

Little spoiler: I didn't actually go surfing, the suit is only 1mm and just a little too cold to endure the freezing atlantic water but I'm sure this will be my favourite summer wetsuit of all times. Can't wait for summer!!

Ph by Hugh, check out his work here!


I'm not the biggest fan of working out. Not because I don't like it but just because I can't find the time to do it. It's such a hustle to change clothes, get over to the gym, work out, get back and shower. Since I plan my evenings quite full during the week, you might get that there is not much room left to work out. 

But I've found the perfect solution to this! I've discovered fit20. It is a 20 minutes slow motion sport session for which you don't even need to change clothes! You can just drop by before or after work, do your excercises and continue your day. 

Since the work out is in slomo, you trick your muscles into thinking it is in a dangerous situation. This way, you use almost 100% of your muscles instead of the 60% you use while running. 

A big thanks to the person that was so kind to think of us while inventing this short and easy work out. Let's get fit! 

You can book your appointment on www.fit20.com. Enjoy! 

What am I wearing:

Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Jumper - & Other stories 
Denim - Zara
Shoes - Shabbies Amsterdam

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche.


I went pink! It's la vie en rose for me from now on. I still love my grey locks but the idea of something a little bit different was crossing my mind for a while now.

At the L'OrĂ©al studio pro bar event, I got to know the sweet ladies behind the brand. I started telling them about the fact that I wanted to go pink and they told me that one of their brands (Matrix) was going to launch a line of pastel colours within the next weeks. What a lucky coincidence, right? 

So I got the chance to test out the product before it came on to the market. And let's say: tested and approved. It only takes 10 minutes (if you don't count decolouring your hair. Mine was already light enough) and your hair has the prettiest pastel shade! Keep in mind that the intensity and duration can change according to your hairtype and colour but the soft pink tint that I got was exactly what I had in mind!

The biggest difference in the watercolour line is that it stays longer. It can last up to six weeks! Perfect for the upcoming festival season if you ask me. 

The Matrix haircare products are available at your Matrix hairdresser. E.g.: Clientology.

Check out the Matrix pastel range right here!

A big thanks to the Matrix team and especially Dirk.

What am I wearing: 

Scarf - H&M Divided
Jacket - Vintage
T-shirt - H&M Conscious Exclusive

Jeans - Pull&Bear 
Shoes - & Other Stories


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