Since this weekend, I totally know how mermaids feel. And I must say, it is pretty damn elegant. 

I am not the fancy dressing type. But when the dresscode is chique, I go all in! Not only with chique though. I tend to go all kinds of crazy when the word dresscode is involved! This probably has to do something with the fact that I just to dress up all the time when I was a kid. 

Have a nice weekend! I'll be spending mine in Paris!

What am I wearing

Top - H&M Basics
Skirt - H&M Trend - Coming soon!
Boots - Zara
Bag - Vintage
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Nails - Orly Epix

Ph by Monica Ho


Fall is here! And so are the fabulous seventies inspired collections. After all the nineties cray cray, I must say that a little seventies softness is more than welcome. The warm brown colours and boho details are the perfect way to make the weather transition a bit easier. 

What about you guys? Do you share my love or would you rather see another era return?

What am I wearing

Jacket - H&M Trend - Coming soon!
Body - H&M
Jeans - Samsoe Samsoe
Boots - Zara 
Sunglasses - Pull&Bear
Bag - Chanel

Ph by Monica Ho


Ahhh, I'm finally starting to get used to Belgium again. My apartment is getting shape and my agenda is filling up. Feels like old times! One thing though: I noticed that my main phrase lately is: wauw, congratulations! Being gone for almost two years means missing out on a lot of important things like friends buying houses, moving in together, having babies,... name it! Apparently I've reached that certain age where those things are considered normal.

Apart from that, let me tell you about my new favourite beauty addition to my mini collection: the Dior Addict fluid stick! I actually banned lip gloss out of my life since I was a teenager. Having to pull my hair out of my lipstick all the time was not what a considered 'a fun hobby'. Until I tried this one. It is glossy yet not so sticky as those greasy lip glosses and the colour is just to-die-for! A subtle, lightly dark nude.

What am I wearing

Hat - H&M
Glasses - Polette Eyewear
Jacket - Pull&Bear
Top - Stradivarius 
Jeans - Samsoe Samsoe
Boots - Zara
Bag - Delvaux

Make up 
Lips - Dior Addict - 499 Avant Garde
Nails - H&M Beauty

Ph by Charlotte De Lange


It is official: I live in Antwerp again! It feels a bit weird to be back and I am not certain that I'm fully aware of it but I'm definitely getting there. I found a wonderful home right in the middle of the city center. The house is recently completely renovated and it is even in the running for prettiest building in Antwerp (you can cast your vote on 'keyserrijck' here by the way!).

The outfit is shot in front of our main entrance. We have a big old gate in the front but behind the gate, this gem is hidden. I love the way my new, cosy cardigan totally blends in with the concrete walls. 

And about the cardigan: have you guys already discovered Storm & Marie? I got to know the brand in the Netherlands and it was love at first sight. They have a lot of minimal, scandinavian pieces but each collection has some fabulous eycatchers as well. So if you are looking for me, I will be spending autumn in Antwerp with my new friends Storm & Marie. 

Have a nice day!

What am I wearing 

Dress - Zara 
Boots - Spartoo - Find them in the webshop
Hat - H&M
Glasses - Polette Eyewear
Bag - Chanel
Watch - Renard - Shop here

Ph by Eline de Feyter


IWhat better way than to combine fashion items in the most comfortable way possible? Matching these pretty velvet trousers with sneakers makes the outfit less loaded. And boy, do I love looking fly and feeling good at the same time.

These are the Polette sunglasses I've ordered with prescription. I absolutely love to switch between glasses and still being able to see everything. 

More posts are coming soon but I'm trying to settle down a little bit in Antwerp first. At the moment I invest every free moment in catching up with friends and buying/installing furniture. 

Have a nice day! 

What am I wearing 

Sweater - H&M
Shirt - Bershka 
Pants - Zara
Sneakers - Adidas 
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses - Polette Eyewear


C&A, the famous fashion brand is well known for its awesome and super handy basics but I have to admit, everytime I walk in there, I’m surprised by their collections. Everytime they manage to get in some great key items for every type of woman there is.

What strikes me even more is that unlike some other brands, C&A truly has a heart for nature and humanity. The fact that they are market leader in organic cotton means a lot to this planet and how fashion is evolving. And I really applaud brands like C&A for investing more in the planet and the people who live on it. You’ve probably heard this one before but it is true: we only have one earth.

Not only can you find good quality basics at this store. They also have a big party collection and recently they’ve launched a big denim campaign with jeans for every day. That way, they create the possibility to dress women for work, the after work party and the after party. Hooray!

Since fall is coming pretty close, I have some tips for you on what will be trending this AW.
First of all, high waists are totally back. Show off those curvy or not so curvy legs in a high waisted pants. Your legs look way longer and you can combine it endlessly. Another big, upcoming trend is plaids. So if you were wondering what to wear those pretty high waisted jeans with: try some plaids! And last but not least. Top of that high waist skirt or jeans with some over the knee boots for that entire seventies chique look.

You can find C&A stores in most of the (big) cities in Belgium or choose the comfortable option and just shop online from your couch.

Image source: Pinterest and C&A


Last weekend I lived in a fairytale. The Different Hotel group recently opened a pretty hotel right next to the Maasmechelen Village outlet shopping. What better way to spend your weekend than finding some major bargains in the outlet village, continued by the most delicious meal, a night in a true prince and princess hotel and to top that off: a breakfast to die for? Right, there isn't!

Another perk of staying at the hotel (except for the obvious resting after a big shopping day) is that you can change your hotel cardholder for a VIP shopping pass. This pass contains ten 10% shopping voucher that you can use at any store in the village. Since a couple years, a few of my favourite brands are added to the MMV portfolio. Now you can also shop Maje, Sandro and Ba&sh. Ahh the love I have for these brands. Even more love at outlet prices!

After a quick peek into the village on Saturday, we went to check in at the lovely Terhills hotel. We were super warmly welcomed by the front desk guy with some bubbles. He carries all the luggage up with us to the room and managed to tell us a few nice details of the hotel on the way up. Like the fact that one side of the building is almost 50cm lower because of a mine explosion back in the mining days of Maasmechelen. They found that the building was still steady so they didn't change it. It truly gives it a certain charm!

After a short prep in our sky high and very pretty room, we went down to join Grietje and her boyfriend for an apero, followed by the most delicious five course dinner. It contained some of my favourite ingredients like truffle and berries.

Have I already told you that I love hotel beds by the way? This one really exceeded the expectation. On a scale from one to pillow, it was definitely pillow! So soft an pillowy that you can disappear until housecleaning discovers you the next day. Luckily, I'm always hungry. So breakfast can get me out of bed anytime!

Thanks Different Hotels and Maasmechelen village for having us!
We loved it.


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