Izi Fes, Oh Yes!

Hey guys!

I was browsing the internet today and i spotted these Izi Fes boots. It was love at first sight!
I really like the colours and all the lovely patterns! And they're handmade! So every pair is unique.
I'm definitely gonna save up for a pair! :)
Which colour do you like the most? Check http://www.izifashion.com

Love, A.

4 Lovely reactions :

  1. OMG! Keimooooooooooooooooooooi :o I WANT!!!!! En hoewel ik u nog niet zo veel heb gezien, zijn dit echt wel boots voor u! How the internship going?



  2. Oh how interesting! Those look super fun and I love anything hand made :)

  3. Very original, the kind of garment which can make any outfit special.

  4. Ik kan ni op de website! Waar zijn ze te koop?? Weet je dat? Groetjes An-Sofie!


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