Showroom Belgium at Paris

Flanders Fashion Institute and WBDM organised a showroom together where they presenter their designers. The designers that participated were: Black Balloon, Sofie Claes, Conni Kaminsky, Eric Bauduin, Celine Pinckers, Tali Tali, Filles a Papa, The Cookie Therapy, Niyona and Monsier Bul. They also showed 4 beautiful works of graduates.

The collections that impressed me the most were definitely the ones of Black Balloon and Filles a papa. Black Balloon because of the statement they made. they hung empty hangers and showed naked pictures with the title: The Emperors New Clothes. Like in the fairy tale. That way they wanted to make a statement saying: Fashionweek is overrated. People see so much in just one week and they want to be remembered so they'll show their collections a little later. I'm curious!

What i love about the collection of Filles a Papa is their creativity with graphics. You notice the influence of graphic design, what one of the sisters studied. And i like that a lot! I also like the fabrics and the colors they've chosen for the collections, really original. The campaigns are amazing too by the way you definitively have to check them. You see 4 campaign photos coming back on a t shirt, love it!

Here are some pictures of the opening night:

PS: The photographer lend me his fish-eye camera and i experimented a little with it. What do you think?

Love, A.

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  2. Thank you for coming ! your blog is amazing !

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  3. wow looks so great! and the shop's clothes are really nice :)



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