Stocksale Finds

Hi there!

Yesterday during my lunch hour i went stock sale shopping! I wanted to show you the things i bought.
At firs i found these amazing leopard loafers at RA. Afterwards i went to Dries van Noten and there i scored this pretty awesome jacket! I think it's timeless and its great to combine on everything, with the leather sleeves! Hmm totally loving it! At last i found this cool scarf at a little stock sale that only sells Danish and French brands, a new discovery! I'm in love with the colour! You can't see it that well on the picture (took the photo's at my apartment at night, sorry for the bad lighting) but its like this really bright pink/coral!

What do you think about my finds?

Love, A.

2 Lovely reactions :

  1. Still crazy about those shoes darling :)

  2. Prachtig! De jas is inderdaad tijdloos en die schoenen zijn gewoon helemaal geweldig. Ik vind het zo jammer dat ik niet tot bij de stocksales geraak. En zoveelste meer leuke aankopen ik zie, zoveelste erger het wordt. ;-) Veel plezier met de jouwe.


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