D.A.T.E with Filles a Papa

This week i ordered some sneakers at D.A.T.E with the card i won at the D.A.T.E. PARTY with AEROPLANE x VILLA x MUSTANG x GUY-OHM (Thank you Fashion Club 70 for inviting me!) When i placed the order it said that it could take 20 working days to deliver. So i expected that i wouldn't receive them very soon. 2 days later my mom called: "Darling a box has arrived for you". I was like what could that be! And what a lovely surprise it was.Normally i wouldn't wear sneakers but since 4 months or so i fell in love with the Isabel Marant sneakers. Isabel really made sneakers hot so i couldn't let this free sneaker chance slip by! I really like the grey stripes on the side i think it's kind of feminine. Also this week i bought this unbelievable warm fake fur coat! I fell in love with it from the minute i saw it hanging at the Zara so i could't resist buying it. Although i should really start saving up since i'm almost graduated now and my parents are going to stop sponsoring my rent. But a girl has got to keep herself warm if the boyfriend isn't around so i think that is reason enough to have bought this coat.

Today i went to the MODO sales and i bought a Filles a Papa T-shirt. You all know by now that i really love this brand! I really like the pictures they use in their collection they're tough but still feminine. I also love the graphic designs they use on their clothes. You always see the crosses and the triangles coming back. Two shapes that i absolutely love! 

I went to a kids playground to shoot the photo's. I just love the piggies! And they seemed to love my outfit too! Our they just thought i brought food. Poor piggies.

Love, A.


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  1. :) Nice! The sneakers are drop dead gorgeous, you lucky one for winning them :).

    X, Sarah

  2. Check mijn blog eens over Filles à Papa meets Isabel Marant!(http://msaprilfish.blogspot.com/2011/10/filles-papa-meets-isabel-marant.html)

    Je zal het vast leuk vinden :)


  3. NAILSSSSSSSSSS omfg echt zalig met die glitter tip!!:O


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