Steve Madden: The Making Of By Marilyn De Smet

A friend of mine, Marilyn De Smet is a really talented photographer and she was asked by the Steve Madden team to do the shoot for their next collection. How awesome is that?! I personally change shoes a lot. I like wearing my flat boots and sneakers but on a night out or events I love wearing high heels! You look immediately classier and off course your legs look smaller (who doesn't love that advantage?). So I’m the inventor of heels and the designers of these gorgeous pairs very thankful! Like Marilyn Monroe said: I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.

Here is Marilyn’s story:

Wednesday around half past five in the morning, the alarm clock went off. It was time to get out of bed for an exciting Steve Madden day. With the cheerful make up artist Nanja Massy and the well known photographer Mark Florquin, the About Mary Photography bus left for Fashion Club 70. Here we met Jérôme Nicolaes (Steve Madden The Nederlands) who arranged breakfast for the whole crew.
Michael Sas (Sas Academy) began enthusiastically with the hairstyling of Niobe Ruts (DJ Niobeat artist) while Chagall Van Den Berg (singer-songwriter Chagall) and Linda Bogers (Stylist) entered with their complete wardrobe. After unpacking the + / - 50 pairs of Steve Madden shoes,  stylist Laura Neygen could also let her magic work on the styling of Niobe.

The crew gave everything all day to create six different looks for our two models / artists Chagall and Niobe. Everyone was delighted what made the cooperation even stronger and it created a great atmosphere to shoot in. It was also a great experience to be assisted by Mark, he taught me a lot.
Between the shoots, we were spoiled by Fashion Club 70 with a lot of yummy food. This way we could all give our maximum until the end! Many thanks to the nice team and Ruben Clijsters  (Steve Madden Belgium) for the successful shoot! I loved it!

And here are the photos. I can’t wait for the end result!

Love, A.

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  1. This looks like it was such a fun experience. The photographs are beautiful, your friend is so talented!


  2. this must have been an amazing experience. awesome!

  3. Perfect post!! we love it

  4. looove it! :D

  5. Very nice blog
    Chek my blog if u want!

    Francis Elle

  6. Oooh, die laatste foto... Love the shoes!!


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