Editorial love - Retro Hollywood Housewives

I fell in love with these retro Hollywood housewives pictures. I'm kind off in love with retro a while. I bump into these pictures everywhere. I've been wanting to watch Mad Men for and Pan Am for a while now but i didn't find the time yet. I started working full time now at an events company but i'm not fully graduated yet so i still have my internship presentation and an exam to prepare for! (I know, i'm crazy) But i just have to find a way to make it all work! This Tuesday i have my exam & presentation so from then on it's all work babes! And blogging off course! I love doing it so much i don't think i'm ever willing to give that up!

So here are the pictures, do you like them too?

Love, A.

Pictures from Trendhunter.

2 Lovely reactions :

  1. Good luck with your exam and presentation, thumbs up! I know what it feels like, I'm in exactly the same situation.

  2. woow, these pictures and clothes are amazing :)

    And good luck with your exams :)


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