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Friday i had a day off so i went shopping with my boyfriend. It felt like it was so long ago so i really enjoyed it! I was keeping an eye on the lovely Alexa Chung collar dress for a while now as you can see here and when i arrived in the Vera Moda shop in Antwerp, there it was! I absolutely love it. The cream color and the  peter pan collar make it so adorable! This is one you won't be able to resist, girls. I've been looking for the perfect parka for a while now but it was always too long, too short, too warm or too cold. Never good enough! Well, Friday i found absolutely the perfect one! I was ready fitting in Pull & Bear when i suddenly saw it hanging from across the store. I practically ran towards it and i fell immediately in love! And luckily, they still had it in my size. I also found these really nice Isabel Marant look-a-like sneakers. They were still 130 euros, so not that cheap but it beats five hundred euros.

You will see everything soon in some outfitposts but here is already a sneak peak!

Ps1: The beautiful collar picture is taken by my blogger friend NoƩmie from Black Fashionbird
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Love, A.

What are you looking at?

Vero Moda Dress
Pull & Bear Parka
Pull & Bear Cardigan
Foxhole Skirt
Ken Shoefashion Sneakers

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  1. Die sneakers zijn echt supercute! Ook nog andere kleurtjes? And lovin' the parka, maar dat heb ik vrijdag al gezegd zeker? ;) xo

    1. Ik had mijn leopard coat aan donderdag. Deze pas vrijdag gekocht :) Misschien was het tegen iemand anders met een parka :) de schoenen zijn er in donkerrood/grijs(demijne)/zwart en bruin. Ze zitten echt supergoed! :)

  2. Leuke sneakers!! Hebben deze zo'n ingebouwde plateau? Of zijn het gewoon 'platte' schoenen? Fijn!

  3. Van welk merk zijn de sneakers? Of is dat ook Ken shoefashion? Ben namelijk ook naar dergelijke replica's op zoek en kan ze in Nederland niet vinden.


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