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I had a pretty busy week, last week and Thursday was definitely the most busy day of them all. I had to be early in Antwerp to help some friends out for school. They study journalism and are making a magazine that represents the resemblances between Russia and Antwerp. They thought i looked a little Russian so they asked me to come by for a shoot. And off course i was glad to help them out. Although looking Russian was not the easiest assignment. Afterwards my mom came to Antwerp we had a lovely lunch and went shopping together. (I love mommy days!)

In the evening i took the train to Brussels where i was invited to the H&M bloggers day. A day organized only for bloggers (lucky us) where we could become acquainted with the Fashion Against Aids 2012 collection and even a part of the brand new summer collection.

The evening was split up into three parts. Firstly we got some beauty tips of the famous Hair & Makeup man Gino Beeckman. We could also ask him some questions if we wanted to know something specifically. He demonstrated everything on anyone who wanted and so we went home all prettified! The second part was with photographer Dirk Alexander. He gave us some tips on how we could improve our blog photos and was happy to answer all our questions. And last but not least we had the opportunity to create an outfit, using the FAA 2012 pieces. A professional jury (Linda Van Waesberge, Elise Crombez, Dirk Alexander, Gino Beeckman and the people from H&M) decided who went home with the amazing prize that consisted of 5 entire silhouettes from the H&M summer collection and a sneak peak on the big Autumn event. And that lucky someone was Anaïs from Modoholics! 

I had a really fun night with some of my fellow bloggers! Thank you H&M for inviting me!

Did you guys already buy something from the FAA 2012 collection? (25% goes to the prevention of HIV and AIDS) Find out what i bought on the last picture. 

Love, A.

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 Make up artist Gino working his magic on Caramel Boots.

Afrodite was wondering how to create the perfect blush.

Here is the outfit i put together. In my opinion, it represents the FAA style really well and this outfit is perfectly for Coachella. (So want to go there someday.) The photos are taken by Dirk Alexander.
 My favourite pieces of the FAA 2012 collection

Nothing what it seems

My dear friend Marilyn shot some fabulous photos again. This time it's really something special. She shot some photos for the launch of Suriel, two fashionable ladies that just started blogging and they're already amazing so you have to go check them out!

The main theme of the shoot is surrealism. Not the easiest subject but Mary truly is very creative! I'm actually very fond of surrealistic art. Ever since i was little i love the work of Salvador Dali. I used to go visit every house/castle and exhibition of him when we were on vacation in Spain. I just love the mystery of it all.

Here are the photos:

Love, A.

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Fashion Show .MGX by Materialise‏

I was invited to attend the first fashion show of .MGX by Materialise. This was not an ordinary fashion event but they showed exclusive 3D printed creations. I really love the mix of fashion and technology. Can you imagine that in a few years you can just print out your favourite dress or accessories or even shoes? Now that's what i'd like to call a fashionable future. I think i'm going to save up for a special 3D laser printer. An investment in my own future.

At the event you could admire some collection pieces of up and coming designers Elvis Pompilio, Iris van Herpen, Niccolo Casas and Daniel Widrig but there was also a competition held, called 'Hats off to 3D printing'. As the name speaks for itself, the contestants had to design a hat in 3D. The winner of the evening was Mark Bloomfield, he designed a pretty 'Daisy' hat.

I couldn't attend the event myself but happily my lovely mom found the time to go there and take some pictures. So all photo credits to Hannelore Vandendriessche. Thank you!

So what is your opinion on printing out our own dresses in the future? I'm curious.

Love, A.

Mark Bloomfield with his Daisy hat.

Afternoon indulging at Natan

Saturday it was my mommy's birthday. A day that can't go by unremarkable. So we went to Brussels together for a day of pampering at Natan and a stroll down the Waterloo lane. Natan showed it's new collection in their store in Brussels accompanied with a Nail, Champagne, and Macaroon bar. So how can you enjoy your Saturday afternoon better than with shopping while getting your nails done by O.P.I and having your favourite drinks and food? There is no better way, it was heavenly! My mom went for a bright orange colour, named Roll In The Hague and i went for a softer green colour named Thanks A WindMillion. Both colours from the Holland collection by O.P.I.

Afterwards we took a walk down the Waterloo lane and did some windowshopping at the most beautiful brands like Hermès, Chanel, Paule Ka and so on. Well we actually went inside but didn't buy anything.
It was truly a lovely afternoon!

Love, A.

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 Matching nails.

Oh, Dries.

Last week i went to the VIP shopping a the Dries Van Noten stocksales with my mom thanks to Ines! And I immediately fell in love when I spotted this green, glittery jumper. It's just so nicely made -with an eye for details- and it truly brings out the colour in my eyes. So here it is, the second designer piece to complement my closet. The first part was also from Dries Van Noten, it's the jacket that I'm also wearing in these pictures.

Lately I've been trying to experiment some more with make up. I'm not so good at it since I almost never wear make up except mascara and occasionally lipstick. But last week I received liquid eyeliner from New York Color and I'm testing it out. Momentarily the lines stay quite small and unobtrusive but I'm planning to go bigger anytime now! I just love this 50's look that I've seen on the girls in Pan Am, the television show. I'll keep you posted about how it turns out.

Example of the Pan Am make-up.

What am i wearing:

Fake fur scarf - Vintage / Jacket - Dries Van Noten / Jumper - Dries Van Noten / Skirt - Essentiel / Bag - Stylescrapbook for Kipling / Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell / Nails - O.P.I. (thanks a Windmillion from the Holland collection) / Lips -  Rouge Allure Velvet by Chanel.

Love, A.

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