Belgian Pride At De Hovre PR

I went to Antwerp last week to take a look at the Belgian A/W collections at De Hovre PR from brands like Lolo the ballerina, Dolce Dolce, Clio Goldbrenner, Vanessa Tugendhaft, Triwa, Marion Cointot, Billion Dollar Babes, Manufactuur and World Wide Wealth. I saw a lot of creativeness in these Belgian talents so i'm anxious for more! Here are some impressions of these amazing brands.

Thank you Sofie & Isabelle for the warm welcome!

Love, A.

 World Wide Wealth

 Also Lolo.
 The grey ones are absolutely awesome!
 Dolce Dolce.
 How pretty are these?!
 Clio Goldbrenner.

 Top piece!
 Vanessa Tugendhaft.
 Manufactuur (store name)

 Lovely button details on the back.
 Great fabric, these pants!
 Some more Lolo
Dolce dolce.

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