Late Night Naf Naf Boutiqe

The totally renewed Naf Naf boutique had a late night opening last week and I passed by. Normally Naf Naf is not really my style. But the store truly amazed me! They have some really nice items. From neon shirts to romantic dresses, something for everyone. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to try something on but I'm definitely going back to do that! Here are some photos of this lovely and delicious evening.

Love, A.

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6 Lovely reactions :

  1. Leuke foto's! Spijtig dat ik er niet bij kon zijn!

  2. OOh amaai ziet er allemaal goed uit!!

  3. yum de food ziet er vooral lekker uit :d

  4. The pictures of the food were mesmerizing! 8| What a fun event! Ah, you looked beautiful.

  5. Love this post, the photos are gorgeous!

    Great blog by the way, come and checkout mine if you get a chance :)


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