Celine Resort 2013 Collection

A big hooray for Phoebe Philo and the wonderful collection she designed for Celine again. What i love about this collection is the simpleness. All these basic pieces that you can combine with your whole wardrobe. Just love it. My personal collection favourite is without doubt the blue/leopard coat! Craving that one!

The first days at G-Star went very well. I have a lot to learn and i have to process much information but i think i'm getting there. Well i certainly will. With some practice you can get anywhere!

Tomorrow i'll be attending the big you. The big bloggersday at UPR and afterwards i'm going to Rock Werchter, the full four days. Yay! Who is joining me for a dance?

Love, A.

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Opening Lomography store Antwerp

Thursday i went to the opening of the Lomography store in Antwerp. As you probably all know by now, i'm quite the fan. I love the surprise when you receive the photos afterwards. Because you never know for sure what they're going to look like. If everyone is going to be in the picture and how the colours are going to turn out.

The store is really lovely. I loved the 'Antwerp' lomo wall and the big wooden 'the future is analogue' quote. I'm definitely going back there once in a while. Because you can bring all your films there to get them developed. Last time, when i wanted to get my 120 film developed from my Diana, the store Kruidvat totally ruined the whole film because they weren't familiar with the format. I was so sad because i was very curious about how all these photos were going to look like. So if you want your films developed right, bring them to the Lomography store in the Kammenstraat 55, Antwerp.

Tomorrow is my first day at G-Star. I'm pretty nervous! But i think it will be fun.

Which one is your favourite Lomography camera?

Love, A.

 The lovely Julie and Britt from Strutterview.

And the winner is...

Congrats Carolyn! You are the winner of my very first giveaway! An email will follow with all the details. Have fun with your presents!

No sad faces tough. Other giveaways will follow soon!

Love, A.

Fisheye, baby!

Lomography had a big surprise for us in store. They've released a baby Fisheye camera! All you Lomolovers don't have to bring a big handbag to the party anymore, because this tiny baby fits into every clutch/bag!
The little version also has a 170 degrees lens like the normal ones but what's new except for the size is that you have to use 110 films. Let the experimenting begin! Here are some great Fisheye photos i found on Pinterest.

There is a black and white version (plastic) and a metal version. On each of them, you can connect any Lomo flash.

And don't forget, tonight the Lomography store opens in Antwerp. You are welcome in the new store at 20h in the Kammenstraat 55.

Get your Lomo on!

P.S: Tomorrow i'll announce the giveaway winner!

Love, A.

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