Brussels Airlines Meets New York

Ever since i was a little girl i dreamed of being an stewardess. I just love spending time on a plane. The way it gives you butterflies when it takes off, that is just amazing! That combined with discovering the world bit by bit. Who doesn't want to do that!

Brussels Airlines, the Belgian airline company started flying  to New York last week! The first time a Belgian airline flies directly to New York since Sabena (former Belgian Airline). And that calls for a party doesn't it?
Well for this occasion, Brussels Airlines cooperated with Xandres and Carmi to design a complete new outfit for the stewardesses. Fashion, New York & Stewardesses, a match made in heaven! This makes me want to be one even more! And they didn't only get new outfits. They've got a whole new airbus to their disposal! With flat-bed seats where you can enjoy your flight lying as comfortable as possible, ahh.

The collection they've designed is a simple red dress with a feminine touch on the belly, a red trench coat and a beautiful suit in the Brussels airlines (& American) colours.
You can see all the designs on the photo.

So i guess it's time to take a trip and check out the new fashionable Brussels - New York route!

Love, A.

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9 Lovely reactions :

  1. Ah, so cool. I recently got a Pan Am bag, made me think about how glamorous it must have been to be an air stewardess in their hay day!

  2. hannelore vandendriesscheJune 5, 2012 at 8:05 AM

    Ik wil heel graag meevliegen op je vleugels naar new-york.ammaai ammai

  3. That sounds very good!
    Have a great day!

  4. Leuk ! Ik wil echt graag nog 's naar New york, handig dat het ook via Brussels Airlines kan
    new outfit post !

  5. Alé, ik vlieg deze zomer, maar moet wel via Madrid heen en ik kon enkel terug vliegen via Amsterdam. Bleh! :D MAAR, het kwam wel 4x goedkoper uit dan rechtstreeks vanuit Brussel ^^ x

  6. haha die foto is zo leuk gedaan! :D en naar NY blijft echt een droombestemming!

    x Sophie

  7. hahahahahahahaha nice photoshopskills! Ik vind het allezins tof, enkel spijtig dat het vliegen soms zoveel kost..

  8. Leuke outfitjes! Ik droom ook al jaren van een reis naar New York ;) , maar wie niet ;) !


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