New shoeheaven:

Belgium is an online shoe heaven richer! Sacha launched it's web shop, yay! The beautiful Tiany guided us trough the website, straight to the shopping part. A girl just can't have enough shoes, doesn't she?

What i love the most about the web shop is the convenience of it. Everything points itself out & there is a handy column on the left where you can filter the kind of shoe that you are looking for. Life is hard enough, let the shopping be easy!

So treat yourself on a shopping spree at home & check out the new Sacha webshop right here anytime you want to. (Ahh, online shopping is just so great)

Want to know which ones i ordered? They'll arrive tomorrow so i have keep you in suspense a little while longer...

Love, A.

Thank you for the invitation, UPR!

6 Lovely reactions :

  1. die glitterballerina's staan toch nog op mijn wish list <3

  2. Yes we never have enough shoes!
    Have a Great Day!

  3. Leuk ! benieuwd welke jij hebt gekocht
    post : fashion books

  4. oohoooh dit gaat mijn doen in mijn portefeuille ;) Die handtas a la celine is ook zo mooi! Ik hou van sacha, big time..
    Goei report miss x

  5. mega! ik vind er weer keiveel leuk! de mint-coral-sandals vooral, die met het strikje met brede hak de fluogele sneakers,...


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