Opening Lomography store Antwerp

Thursday i went to the opening of the Lomography store in Antwerp. As you probably all know by now, i'm quite the fan. I love the surprise when you receive the photos afterwards. Because you never know for sure what they're going to look like. If everyone is going to be in the picture and how the colours are going to turn out.

The store is really lovely. I loved the 'Antwerp' lomo wall and the big wooden 'the future is analogue' quote. I'm definitely going back there once in a while. Because you can bring all your films there to get them developed. Last time, when i wanted to get my 120 film developed from my Diana, the store Kruidvat totally ruined the whole film because they weren't familiar with the format. I was so sad because i was very curious about how all these photos were going to look like. So if you want your films developed right, bring them to the Lomography store in the Kammenstraat 55, Antwerp.

Tomorrow is my first day at G-Star. I'm pretty nervous! But i think it will be fun.

Which one is your favourite Lomography camera?

Love, A.

 The lovely Julie and Britt from Strutterview.

5 Lovely reactions :

  1. good luck on your first day!

  2. Zo leuk!!! Wou dat ik kon komen! Al de camera's zien er geweldig uit!!!

  3. Looks awesome! I have to step by there soon! xx Marie

  4. Zo'n camera lijkt me wel een leuk hebbedingetje, maar ik laat ze over aan de echte liefhebbers :) Hopelijk was je eerste dag super! Ben benieuwd hoe het ging :) x

  5. Helen en ik waren ook bij het openingsfeest, jammer dat we je mislopen hebben. De Lomography Gallery Store is echt een geweldige toevoeging aan de Kammenstraat. Ik hoop dat werken bij G-Star je bevalt!


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