Sky high in Antwerp with Eastpak

When was the last time you did something for the first time?
Eastpak & Listenup invited me last week for a secret event in Antwerp city. We were warmly welcomed by Tanguy Ottomer, the one and only person that knows all the most beautiful spots in Antwerp and is eager to show everyone. He led us to some bicycles and did a tour with us.

When we reached our destination it said Antwerp Heliport. WE WENT FLYING IN A HELICOPTER!
If anyone asks me what the craziest thing is i did thanks to my blog i definitely know what to answer now. It was truly amazing to see a town where you walk trough regularly from up above. And it was a first time indeed.

And that wasn't even everything. After the helicopter flight Tanguy took us to the most peaceful home in Antwerp were we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

This event was held to announce that Eastpak is aiming for another target audience. They've designed a whole new line for ladies and gents like us! Softer colours and handy models for laptops. Check it out at your nearest Eastpak store.

Thank you Listenup & Eastpak for the amazing day!

 Elien from Dogsanddresses & Afrodite from Thefashionfolio

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  1. Leuk, kijk uit naar de collectie :) Ook fijn lettertype dat je gebruikt in de foto's x

  2. Wow lucky you!
    Have a great week!

  3. Barbara had me ook een invite gestuurd maar jammer genoeg spendeerde ik die dag achter de boeken, BALEN! Maar het ziet er echt super leuk uit! Vind hun nieuwe campagne echt geweldig en de collectie is ook al mooi ;) !

  4. hhahhaaa ik lijk wel compleet uitgehongerd! zalige post lady!


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