Since I've started working at G-Star, I'm totally into denim. It's such a thankful fabric, you can really combine it with almost everything! Even denim on denim is a big hit in my opinion. And it is the dress code at my job. You'll soon be seeing some G-Star outfit posts coming by since i get to borrow some clothes from the press room (yay!).

Have a nice (denim) day!

Love, A.

Photos: Tumblr.

4 Lovely reactions :

  1. my every day go to!
    oooh gelukzak, ik zou ook wel kleren willen lenen ;-)

  2. Nice post, thank you for sharing it.

    Love your page!!!

    Choi mo hinh

  3. Ik denk trouwens dat de broek op de eerste foto van Dries is :)



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