Believe in you.

Confidence is hard to find these days. Photoshopped bodies show up everywhere and the models at the fashion weeks are getting thinner and thinner every time. But confidence isn't about looking as great as the models on the cover of Vogue magazine, it is about how you feel when you are you. A confident woman is just so sexy! If you believe in yourself, everyone else will believe in you too.

The Danish brand VILA came up with this amazing campaign 'Confidence is not for sale". The campaign tells us that you just have to believe in the young, fashion-conscious woman that you are, who is not afraid to show her femininity and sensuality, but is equally aware that, after tripping over on the catwalk, you just pick up your stilettos and keep going. Like you can see in the campaign movie where the models finish the show with a smile. That's how you have to handle life. If you have a setback, just get over it and move on with a smile. Life is great, enjoy it to the fullest!

VILA links confidence to their clothing line as 'The sensation you get when you're wearing a look that feels like a natural extension of the style you want.' So let your outfit make you feel absolutely undoubtedly confident every single day.

So, that's how far the pep talk goes for today.

Enjoy your day y'all!

Love, A.

Photo - Pinterest
Video - VILA

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