OUTFIT | Stockholm St, Ridgewood, Brooklyn.

I'm in New York for a few days now but i'm still adjusting. Everything happened so fast! I was warmly welcomed by Drew and Emily into their home and got the opportunity to discover the city a little. Natalie's place is in Williamsburg. I really like the atmosphere over there. Everybody is so fashion! And there are a lot of amazing little shops and vintage shops.

Talking about vintage, how do you like my 'new' vintage Chanel bag? My mom got it for my birthday, Christmas and new year! She gave it to me already so i could use it here in NY. But i'm a little afraid to take it on the subway because i really don't want to get robbed!

Right now we are preparing for Sandy, the big storm that is coming. We're about to tape the windows so the wind stays out and we got flashlights, batteries and food that we don't have to cook. Like bread, peanut butter and jelly and cornflakes and milk. Luckily i brought my book and my lain (i'm knitting a beanie). But i do hope that the internet doesn't fall out. Because that means i'm losing all the communication with my friends and family. So keep your thumbs up please.

These photos were taken in the street of Drew & Emily. It's a lovely street right next to the cemetery  I really like the quit here. Such a difference with the city that is only a couple metro stops away.

Lots of love from NYC.


What am i wearing

Shirt - Forever 21 / Leggings - JBC / Shoes - Nike / Bag - Chanel (Cyaankali Leuven)

GIVEAWAY | Simple Comme Bonjour

Simple comme bonjour is this cute little jewelry shop in Mechelen and the shop is owned by the sweetest jewelry designer! Actually my mom discovered it. I've been going on and on about wanting to have a name necklace but that it's pretty expensive. So when she walked into the shop and spotted the name necklaces and bracelets she immediately called me. What would i do without my mommy?

You can order your own name/brand/love bracelet or necklace on the website. You have to choose between two fonts and you can go up to 12 characters. It takes about 3 weeks but the lovely designer made an extra effort for me since i'm leaving for NY on tuesday. THANK YOU! The necklaces are 35 euro and the bracelets 25.

So Tuesday i leave for NYC! I'm doing a short internship at Natalie Joos. I'll be helping out wherever she needs me (casting agency/tales of endearment/styling...) and live the New York Life! I'm so exited, it all happened so fast! Wednesday it was confirmed and Thursday i booked my planeticket. I'm really curious about what i will be doing and who i will be meeting! I'll keep you all updated via the blog offcourse and share you all my adventures!

The lovely simple comme bonjour designer was so kind to offer me two pairs of lovely earrings for a giveaway. So what do you have to do to win one of these?

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Leave a comment with your e-mail, name and with pair you want to win.

Check out Simple Comme Bonjour website and Facebook page.

Jewelry by Simple Comme Bonjour. Teacups by Rosemamuze in Mechelen.
Photos by Hannelore Vandendriessche.

OUTFIT | Baseball Boyfriend

I absolutely love wearing this outfit. It's so comfortable, so easy chique! Ideal to go to work, an event or even a shopping trip with the girlfriends! I'm actually having an awesome girls night planned out tonight with my favourite BoardX girls! So looking forward to it!

I found this -amazing- clutch on a flea market in Paris. Genuine leather and just so pretty! Could not leave it behind so i took it home together with the other two bags i already bought (here and here). I guess you can say i kinda have a predilection for vintage handbags. But really, who doesn't?

Have a nice day!

What am i wearing:

Hat - from my mommy (Mondi) / Scarf - River Island / Necklace - Forever 21 / Baseball Jacket - Forever 21 / Jeans - Zara / Booties - H&M / Clutch - Vintage shop Paris.

Photos by Hannelore Vandendriessche.

OUTFIT | Pumpkin please

I just got back from the most amazing trip ever! We had so much fun! And now, I'm fully reloaded to go back to work and all the upcoming blog events.

My return really made me aware that autumn has arrived. It is so cold here! And pumpkins, leaves and nuts are popping up everywhere. There is something cozy about this season. I only wish summer hadn't passed this quick.

A while ago, I've ordered some shoes on Zalando. I was so in love with the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats so when i saw these, they went straight into my basket! The Zalando service was pretty awesome, the shoes arrived within 3 days! And when they do not fit you can just sent them back and choose another pair. You've got to love online shopping.

I think i might ordering me a another (warm this time) pair to keep my feet dry this autumn.

Enjoy your day!

Love, A.

What am i wearing:

Shirt - Pull&Bear / Dress - unknown / Bag - Vintage / Shoes - Zalando

Photos by Hannelore Vandendriessche

PFW | Streetstyle Pt. 3

The last part of my street style photos from Paris Fashion Week. I miss it so hard, being able to wear everything you want and instead of being judged, you get complimented on it quite a lot. If i ever get elected as president, it would be Fashion week every week! FO SHO!

Enjoy the photos!

Love, A.

 Another pair of boots from my wishlist!

 My friend Laura from Knack Weekend.
 Garance Dore.

 Yurie and her model friend.

PFW | Streetstyle Pt. 2

Hi guys!

Here is the second part of my Paris Fashion Week street style shots.
In the meanwhile i'm still enjoying the sun in Kusadasi!

Love, A.

 Love the print!
Giovanna Battaglia
 Leigh Lezark in Killerheels.

 Susie Bubble + Mini.

 THE boots.

 Love the hat.

 I was wearing my G-Star jumpsuit, DIY flower headband, Forever 21 Jacket and H&M booties.


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