PFW | Streetstyle Pt. 3

The last part of my street style photos from Paris Fashion Week. I miss it so hard, being able to wear everything you want and instead of being judged, you get complimented on it quite a lot. If i ever get elected as president, it would be Fashion week every week! FO SHO!

Enjoy the photos!

Love, A.

 Another pair of boots from my wishlist!

 My friend Laura from Knack Weekend.
 Garance Dore.

 Yurie and her model friend.

4 Lovely reactions :

  1. Nice pictures, love the leather jacket with the golden and silver details.

  2. Super! Lijkt me leuk om daar rond te wandelen en foto's te maken ..
    xox Karolien

  3. Echt prachtige foto's meid!



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