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I'm so sorry for neglecting you all lately but New York is so busy! When i'm not working for Natalie, i'm out discovering the city. For those of you that aren't up to date yet, i'm doing an internship at Natalie Joos, a Belgian, New York City based casting agent/stylist/blogger (Tales of Endearment). At the moment, we are searching some cute girls to represent the new Kate Spade brand Saturday. It's a funny feeling, getting to decide along with Natalie about the futures of these girls. And it is certainly not easy!

We celebrated thanksgiving by watching the parade and eating all evening. I tasted things that i have never thought about in my life and they were all so delicious! The top dish was definitely the mashed sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows on top. Oh god, that was to die for!! The evening ended pretty early because i ate so much i almost could't walk anymore. Luckily Rebekka rolled me home at the end of the evening.

Sunday we're all going to this big clothing sale which Natalie is organizing together with Genevieve JonesMay KwokBryan BoyLisa Marie FernandezThommy SalehMandy Coon and Susan Joy. For all you New York residents, hope to see you there!

Here are some photos of the lovely parade.

Love, A.

 Team California/Belgium/The Netherlands/Austria

5 Lovely reactions :

  1. mijn zoon komt gek als hij zo'n grote spiderman ziet :-) ik vind het jakkie, maar blijkbaar doet het toch iets met die kids.

  2. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!! Do you want to buy Picachu for me?

  3. Wauw, moet echt zot imposant geweest zijn! Lucky you ;)

  4. Die sweet potatoes klinkt niet voor softies! Nog veel fun & succes daar, het zullen vast lange dagen zijn!



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