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I bought myself an early xmas gift, a box with 30 Ciaté nail polishes! Girls just want to have fun!
So i tried it on for the first time yesterday. Applying was quite easy. Just polish your nails, add a second layer nail by nail and pour over the caviar. Make sure to catch all the excess caviar in a plate or they will be flying all over your place! Let it dry for a couple of minutes and tadaaaam, you are finished!

I made the mistake to begin cooking right after and i found that the caviar pearls got stuck to my chicken. Wel not all of them but they started falling of at the edges one by one. So make sure your layer of nailpolish is thick enough and just do it right before you leave to a party/event. Because i don't think it holds much longer than one day.

Here is the result:

Love, A.

6 Lovely reactions :

  1. Een laagje doorschijnende nagellak erover proberen te doen? Misschien blijven de pareltjes dan beter?
    Ziet er wel echt cute uit!

  2. prettyyy ik zag ze vandaag net ook in een boekje: zo mooie kleuren!

  3. echt om van te snoepen mjam xxxx

  4. Leuk! Die kleurtjes passen echt goed bij elkaar :-)


  5. Oh ziet er zo mooi uit!


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