The winner of the H&M Design Award is announced! It is the ├╝ber talented and cute Minju Kim. You can check out her winning collection and a portrait of Minju Kim in these videos.


Here is my Instadiary of December and January. What a wonderful time i had!

1.  Ugly promdresses, 2. Sweet mashed potatoes & marshmallows, 3. A Mayan lama in the Museum of Natural History, 4. Coffee + Cookie, 5. Ciate nail caviar, 6. Grilled Cheesus, 7,8,9. Having fun with friends in NYC.

1. In Brooklyn we drink out of jars, 2. My Chanel Ballerinas, 3. Making pepernoten with Jolien, 4. Decorating the xmas tree, 5. Curling my hair without a curling iron, 6. My roomies, 7,8,9. Birthdayfun!

 1. GG final, 2. Pretzels, 3. I LOVE NY, 4, 5 Xmas dinner, 6. After-xmas dinner face, 7. New shoes, 8. New years outfit, 9. Anoukmeetsfashion in the newspaper.

1. Present from the boyfriend, 2. relaxing at home, 3. My kitty, 4. Smoothies, 5,7,8. High School themed housewarming - i went as 'Clueless', 6. Noodles in Antwerp, 9. 20's style dinner party.


We had to do a lot of research in New York at Natalie Joos and Icona pop were two of these many pretty girls.  The tune got stuck in my head ever since the first time i heard it. I really really like it because it makes me happy and want to dance!

Let's party!


Snowy days. Not particulary my favourites but they are beautiful to look at. I tried the timer button on my camera this week but the outcome wasn't that great. So i made my boyfriend take some new pictures in which i chose an other sweater. My new favourite jumper! I found it at Pull&Bear and since black panthers are my favourite animals i just couldn't leave it laying there now could i.

I wish you all some snow fun and warm feet!

What am i wearing:

Beanie - Forever21 / Jacket - Cut25 / Jumper - Pull&Bear / Shirt - Pull&Bear / Jeans - Pull&Bear / Shoes - H&M / White Sweater - Ralph Lauren.


Here is a preview of the next outfit post.
A selfie in the snow.

Some snowy love for all of you!


I'm still really into the roaring twenties. I celebrated my birthday in New York, dressed up like the people in the 1920's. And i wish i could dress up like it every day! The 20's style is just so amazing! The glitter, glamour and pearls, the headbands and the sigarettes on a stick, it all has a charm in my opinion. And i am SO looking forward to The Great Gatsby movie that's coming out this year. I just started with the book so i'm very curious about the story! Let's party, Jay Gatsby.

Love, A.

WISHLIST | A girl can dream

A girl can dream

What i wish i was wearing today with a few key items from my wishlist. The Givenchy boots are still on it, even though they are WAY above my (actually anyones) pay grade (i mean 1.735 $ (net-a-porter) really??) just like the pretty Proenza Schouler (i would go for a black one though) and the perfect grey sweater. I also need to find me the perfect black pair of jeans. One that fits awesomely around the waist and even better around my ass. 

I actually don't need new glasses since i just bought a pair but i do need new  lenses for in the glasses. Mine came free with the frame and now everything is reflecting so i'm going to have to stop by an optician as soon as i have some money on my bank account again. In the mean while, i'm just starry-eyed all the time. Ahhhhh.

The rest explains itself, i believe. A good pair of vintage Chanel earrings and a golden Rolex (dream dream dream) and off course you can't make it trough winter without some amazing beanies and scarves!

A.P.C. a p c / Givenchy skinny leg pants, $1,105 / Givenchy leather boots / Proenza Schouler leather shoulder bag / Chanel / Rolex watch / VILA infinity scarve, $53 / Beanie hat / Illesteva


Here are a few of my best-loved pre-fall 2013 looks. With the Phillip Lim and Celine collections as my ultimate favourites!

Which looks do you like?

Love, A.

OUTFIT | The boots

My boyfriend Bert and I did a little sale shopping this weekend. I'm absolutely not a fan of sales because in my opinion it's way to chaotic. But we found this little mall where it wasn't that crowded. I scored some amazing socks and found the boots of my dreams! Well they're not Givenchy but they definitely look a lot like them! When i saw them on the website, i only saw the brown ones and they didn't seem this pretty at all. Luckily we spotted them underneath a pile of clothes and my lovely boyfriend got them for me as a late birthday gift. Thank you sweetie pie! I wish you all the best of luck with your examinations and/or a great new start of the year at your job!

Love, A.

What am i wearing:

Blazer - Zara / Sweater - American Eagle Outfitters / Dress - Pixie Market / Bag - Chanel / Shoes - Zara.

Photos by Liza Cortois.

OUTFIT | Phone me boots

I'm mostly browsing the web these days, i'm on a mission to find me the perfect job. I quit my job at G-Star to do the internship with Natalie so i'm on the look for a new adventure. And it's not very easy! I have the feeling that the only thing they need right now is people for call centres or truck drivers. Since i absolutely don't want to do any of those, the search of the perfect job proceeds.
I just want a job with fun colleagues, lots of creativity, a lovely atmosphere and a good pay. Is that too much to ask for in these times of crisis? Or am i looking in the wrong places? Tips and other experiences are always welcome in the comments!

In between al the searching there is a lot going on right now. I'm meeting up with all my friends to tell them about my New York adventures and i had to say goodbye to my parents, who moved to Tullin (France). My mom is still coming over every two months but my dad is staying over there for work. I'm really gonna miss them but i think this is a great experience for them and for me (since i get to go visit them).

How is your Xmas vacation coming along?

Love, A.

What am i wearing:

Jacket - Yigal Azrouel / Fake fur scarf - Vintage / Shirt - Vila / Jeans - Zara / Shoes - H&M / Bag - Chanel.


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