Here is my Instadiary of December and January. What a wonderful time i had!

1.  Ugly promdresses, 2. Sweet mashed potatoes & marshmallows, 3. A Mayan lama in the Museum of Natural History, 4. Coffee + Cookie, 5. Ciate nail caviar, 6. Grilled Cheesus, 7,8,9. Having fun with friends in NYC.

1. In Brooklyn we drink out of jars, 2. My Chanel Ballerinas, 3. Making pepernoten with Jolien, 4. Decorating the xmas tree, 5. Curling my hair without a curling iron, 6. My roomies, 7,8,9. Birthdayfun!

 1. GG final, 2. Pretzels, 3. I LOVE NY, 4, 5 Xmas dinner, 6. After-xmas dinner face, 7. New shoes, 8. New years outfit, 9. Anoukmeetsfashion in the newspaper.

1. Present from the boyfriend, 2. relaxing at home, 3. My kitty, 4. Smoothies, 5,7,8. High School themed housewarming - i went as 'Clueless', 6. Noodles in Antwerp, 9. 20's style dinner party.

7 Lovely reactions :

  1. Zalig!!! The grilled cheesus is echt amazing! en die puree met marshmallow ziet er best nog lekker uit maar klinkt verschrikkelijk :p

    Leuke foto's!!

  2. cool pics! haha Cluelessluv!
    xo Charlotte

  3. je birthday look vond ik echt super !

  4. Superleuke foto's!
    Die nagels zijn super!


  5. I love the necklace that you wore on your birthday!

    Love, L.

  6. niice photos :)) lovely cat :))

    Would you like to follow each other? let me know :)


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