A while ago, Dove pampered some random people in the big railway stations in Belgium. They set up a Dove stand and showed the people the softness of there soap and the effectiveness of their hand cremes.

I got to take a few Dove products home to test them out and here are my conclusions.

First of all the Dove slippers are an absolute delight. I absolutely hate cold feed so they come in very very handy.

I already was a frequent Dove user. I absolutely swear by their shower cremes, they smell amazing and make your skin feel so soft! The Dove Shower cremes do a lot more than only hydrating. They nourish the skin deeply and effective with the Nutrium Moisture and the specific nutrients. Because the skin is nourished from within it makes women glow on the outside! For shampoos i rather change brands now and then but i have to admit that Dove does quite the trick with my hair, even without the conditioner.

As body cream i generally use the blue jar but i was positively surprised about the Dove Body creme structure and feeling! And this all thanks to the DeepCare Complex that truly is a treat for the skin. Even more about the Dove summer glow creme. My skin gets so white in winters and this bottle does absolutely the trick. It makes my legs look healthier and sexier! (hello Valentine's day!)

So the only two products i didn't get to yet are the deodorant and the soap bars. I remember the soap bars from my youth. They smelled always so jummy but they're a little messy in my opinion. Just like soap in a bottle i'm also more a fan of deodorant in a spray can. In NY they almost only sold the little rollers in the store but with cream in stead of liquid so i learned to use it a little over there. But i have to say that the smaller package is easier to store it in your handbag for emergencies! And it doesn't contain alcohol so it's way healthier for the skin.

Now it's up to you guys to discover and experience the nourishing Dove products. Enjoy!

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  1. Ik moet echt die douchegel eens proberen.. Ik haat het vettig gevoel op mijn handen en lichaam van echte bodylotion.. DUs die lijken me geweldig!

  2. Great post :)

  3. Ik ben wel tevreden van de Dove doucheproducten!


  4. Dove products <3


  5. I love slippers and hate cold feet too! I have used Dove at one point or another and have always had a good experience with them.

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  6. Ooh leuke post! I heart Dove

  7. Ik zweer nog steeds bij dat baluwe metalen bakske met creme van Dove :D En hun handcrèmes en bodylotions zijn ook super goed! x


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