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A girl can dream

What i wish i was wearing today with a few key items from my wishlist. The Givenchy boots are still on it, even though they are WAY above my (actually anyones) pay grade (i mean 1.735 $ (net-a-porter) really??) just like the pretty Proenza Schouler (i would go for a black one though) and the perfect grey sweater. I also need to find me the perfect black pair of jeans. One that fits awesomely around the waist and even better around my ass. 

I actually don't need new glasses since i just bought a pair but i do need new  lenses for in the glasses. Mine came free with the frame and now everything is reflecting so i'm going to have to stop by an optician as soon as i have some money on my bank account again. In the mean while, i'm just starry-eyed all the time. Ahhhhh.

The rest explains itself, i believe. A good pair of vintage Chanel earrings and a golden Rolex (dream dream dream) and off course you can't make it trough winter without some amazing beanies and scarves!

A.P.C. a p c / Givenchy skinny leg pants, $1,105 / Givenchy leather boots / Proenza Schouler leather shoulder bag / Chanel / Rolex watch / VILA infinity scarve, $53 / Beanie hat / Illesteva

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  1. Haha altijd leuk om te maken zo'n dreamy wishlist. Ik denk dat ik er ook wel een Proenza zou opzetten of misschien een Mulberry :)

    Hopelijk kan je snel je bril fixen :)

    new outfit post

  2. tasje, heel cute!


  3. leuke spullen!!! Leuke bril :D Love the beanie! Love the green Proenza! als zou ik ook zelf eerder voor een zwarte gaan.. :)

  4. Die laarzen! En de tas! Zooo mooi, alleen jammer van het prijskaartje :(

  5. I really want some Illesteva glasses too, sunglasses though. They are quite affordable and they look super awesome! Definitely on my wish list too (http://wittetim.blogspot.be/2013/01/2013s-clothing-resolutions.html). If I had enough money I'd definitely know what to buy : )


  6. Oh die boots van Givenchy staan ook op mijn wishlist... <3


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