Pressdays: term for a couple days a year, filled with fashion, bubbles, food and friends. Here are some of my favourite items.

1. Sofie Valkiers for Diamanti Per Tutti
2. Baroness O. Candle holders
3. Jewellery by Mieke Dierckx
4. Bracelets by Just Julia
5. Decorate your lamp - Estall
6. Rings by Lore Van Keer
7. 2Flamingos Scarfs
8. Baroness O. Bags and vases
9. Franklyn & Marshall headpieces
10. Beanies by 8pm
11. Happy Socks pyramid, yay!
12. & 13. PJ's by women's secret.
14. Love the Eskimo logo
15. Women's secret pastels
16. Steve Madden
17. & 18. Shoes and an amazing top by Springfield
19. The Pravda salon, love it!
20. Bedlinnen by Auping

13 Lovely reactions :

  1. Hoera voor de flamingo shorts! :)


  2. heeeiiii
    i have create a sort of "awareness campaign" for animals rights!
    i hope that you can partecipe (there are not rules and it's totally free), if you are interested you can read about it in my blog! With my bad english (ahahah!!) i try to explain what to do :)
    THE POST IS CALLED "LEGGIMI/READ ME" and the english version is after the italian version, this campaign will be WEDNESDAY MAY 1.
    i really hope that you can partecipe dear <3
    Have a great day :*

  3. Mooie foto's! ^^

  4. Super veel leuke dingen gezien hier! leuke botjes, lingerie,..

  5. Mooie foto's! Die ringen van Lore Van Keer zijn supermooi!

  6. Dat shortje met flamingo's is super!

  7. Ik wordt zo happy van de happy socks! ^^ x


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