I crave soft and nude colours this spring. I've noticed I wear black a lot, very often even! So I'm trying some colours lately. I'm taking baby steps, beginning with these soft colours.

Do you guys have any spring cravings? When spring arrives I'm always on the lookout for the perfect bikini and sunglasses. Mission accomplished on the sunglasses part. Now i still need to find me a bikini. And go running a little more, yes definitely!

Tonight it's the premiere of  The Great Gatsby! Are you going?
I definitely want to see it! But only have time to go on friday so i'll have to wait a little while longer.

Have a nice day, old sport!

What's on the table:

Shoes - Forever 21 
Skirt + Sunglasses - Choies - via the giftcard i won at fashion en vie
T-shirt - Vogue NL
Bag - Esprit

18 Lovely reactions :

  1. O I like! Vooral die tshirt en de zonnebril! En de tas... Nude is mijn favo kleurtje evah!

  2. Een zalige zonnebril heb jij daar ;-). Doet mij een klein beetje denken aan de beatles. Ik zit ook vaak vast in dat laten-we-nog-eens-zwart-aandoen-stramien en ben dus ook meer kleurtjes aan het opzoeken!
    Sabrina, x.

  3. Super leuke spulletjes, vooral de sandalen! ^^

  4. Saw The Great Gatsby! It was beautiful!! And I am really looking for spring/summer day dress. Soft colors and flowiness. I want to feel like I can breath in my clothes haha. I wear black to often too.
    Your bag is so cute and I love the shoes!!

  5. super mooie aankoopjes, je sandalen en die shirt zijn mijn favoriet!


  6. Haha Ik ook: the running part! Winter lichaampje veranderen in bikini-proof lichaam.. :p Damn het is al mei.. :D Super leuke zaken!

  7. That bag looks pretty!

  8. Die handtas is supermooi! :)

  9. Pretty! Ben verliefd op je tas!

  10. Mooie dingen ! Benieuwd hoe die bril je gaat staan
    new outfit post

  11. I love your sandals!!!! My spring cravings are black cage heels! And I can't wait to see the Great Gatsby!!!!

  12. Oh, die tas, die bril, die sandalen,... I love it all!


  13. Die tas is echt mooi :D en leuke sandalen ook!

  14. Me likes! Vooral de nude tas van Esprit :) Die gaat vast bij al je outfits :) x


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