Here it is: the dress kimono-style! The photos were taken at Tullins, the little town in France where my parents live. This view is only 100 meters from their home. It's so pretty! And the weather is quite nice as well!

At first I was afraid because I would lose the place 'to go home to' but France isn't that far and luckily we live in a time where taking a plane is actually affordable and very easy. I fell in love with the town at once and seeing my parents as happy as they are now is just amazing.

The weekend is already in sight, yay!

What am I wearing

Dress - Zara
Top - Brandy&Melville
Shorts - DIY with vintage Levi's jeans
Shoes - Converse

Photos by Hannelore Vandendriessche


I love black so here is a little all black inspiration for future outfit/wardrobe ideas.

Have a nice week!

Photos from Pinterest.


Mission accomplished! I found my perfect white bohemian dress! Finding perfect white dresses could be someones full-time job. They're either too long or too short or even worse, they can make you look like you've grown two sizes. But I won't be having that problem anymore in the fitting rooms since I found mine, yay! A female dress with some romantic details and it's just so easy to combine, I just love it!

Have you guys already had any trouble finding that one missing piece in your closet, tell me about it!

Oh and by the way, what do you think about the new logo?

What am I Wearing 

Dress - Promod
Shoes - Converse 
Bag - Celine 


Casual castle hanging. My recent, most favourite occupation. We spotted this one on our way to a little village. There's not much left of it but with some imagination, I can even picture the knights guarding the castle towers.

I'm very proud of these shorts since I've made them myself. I did some thriftstore shopping in Ghent with my bestie a while ago and I found these awesome Levi's high waisted jeans. I turned them into shorts and made some tears in them. I really like the result and they're so nice to wear!

In the last but one photo you can see me 'eating' something. Can you guess what it is?

What am I wearing

Shirt - Pull&Bear
Shorts - DIY/Thrifted
Sneakers - Little shoe store in France
Watch - Komono
Bag - Celine


Two weeks ago, I visited the showroom where my friend Niels a.k.a Nille works at. You could already see part of the new Stance and Huf collection coming by in my outfitposts (1 and 2) but I could't put on all of the clothes so here's an overview of the entire showroom with all of it's brands.

There are three companies represent at the building. The first one is Hurray and it sells following brands:

WeSC, founded in Sweden and became an established value on the skate and fashion market over the years. They were the first company to cross the bridge between fashion and street wear.

You probably know Stance by now, an up and coming sock brand with the most awesome prints. And they do not only differentiate with their outstanding quality but also by packing the sock per three in stead of two so you can combine them in a different way.

Gravis, a well known shoe label among skaters. With their details in print and shape they make the ideal casual shoes.

The new pride in the Hurray family: Native Youth. The label has its origins in England and gets its inspiration from Scandinavia and Japan. As you all know, I'm a sucker for great prints so I'll definitely will be dragging my boyfriends to stores where they sell Native Youth!

Alien workshop and Habitat, a skateboard and longboard label that also designs clothes and footwear. Very streetstyle and awesome boards indeed!

And last but not least: the more than awesome caps from Huf!

The second company is Komono.

Komono is a Belgian that designs awesome watches and sunglasses. Raf and Anton are the brains behind this company and they make sure you get the best quality material for the sharpest prices. Thanks guys!

And the third company is Thirty Merch, Zound industries, one of the biggest players in the headphone markets. They have some awesome brands like Urbanears, Marshall, Coloud and Molami. Check the photos underneath and their websites for some more info on these. 

My Personal favourites are Native Youth because of the awesome prints and designs, Komono and Huf  (I love me some great caps!). What are yours?

Thank you Niels for inviting me!

Have a lovely Thursday.

First three photos are from Sara De Lobel, Thanks babe!

Thirty Merch shoot with Nille.

 Save the rainforest - Limited edition Urban Ears.

 Lowdi - Wireless mobile speaker.

Native Youth




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