Last Friday I had the most amazing time. I was invited to attend the Ugg Summer Sensation event to celebrate Uggs 35th birthday, hooray! And we certainly celebrated! The weather was tropical and so where the cocktails, the music and the food.

I was also given a fabulous pair of short green booties which I could personalise by letting them put on my initials in Swarovski crystals. Talking about a VIP treatment!

Did your weekend start off as fabulous as mine? Tell me about it!

Thank you UPR and Ugg for the wonderful evening!

The lovely ladies from Steve&Charlie and Locadelacasa.

Elke, Sara and me.

Elke showing off her new personalised Ugg booties!

These are mine to take home!

Fashion One tv cameraman Kris striking a pose.

8 Lovely reactions :

  1. Ik ga ze misschien volgende week laten personalizen. :)

  2. Echt super tof! en vind de kleur echt leuk die je gekozen hebt!

  3. Mooi, echt leuk met de steentjes en ziet er een leuk sfeertje uit!


  4. Ziet er heel fabulous uit inderdaad ^^

  5. Mooie kleuryjes dat blauw en groen ^^ Zag er een tof event uit! x


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