I'm participating in an ING contest to make my dream come true. They're giving out 1000 euros to the people with the best ideas and the coolest movies.

Ever since I was little I dreamt about being a fashion designer. It started with designing a complete collection for my Barbie dolls. I used fabric surplus from my mom and scotch tape and I even made them walk on a stage to the beats of Michael Jackson.

I would love to let my creative mind go totally crazy on designing a mini collection and selling it on my own web shop. So these 1000 euros would come in very, very handy to cover the start-up costs.

My neighbours helped my made this awesome movie for the competition.
Thank you Stefan, Christof & Veronique!

You can still participate till the 15th of September to let ING help you making your dream come true!
Just make a video of 10 seconds where you do absolutely nothing while explaining your dream and upload it on the ING Facebook page.

Good luck and hopefully all your dreams will come true!

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