Ladies, take your agendas and mark the 2nd of November with big letters because it's Fashion Night Out at the Mondo hotel in Oostende! Join me and my fellow bloggers for some delicious cocktails, fabulous fingerfood, an amazing fashion show by vintage store L'Alchemiste, a hair & nail booth and of course an endless clothing stack. We've all cleaned out our closets and we're bringing the nicest pieces over to Oostende so they can live a new, happy life!

What do you have to do to enjoy this amazing fashion night:

Step 1: Buy your ticket (10 euros = entrance + delicious cocktail) by sending an email to
Step 2: Pick out a fabulous outfit. 
Step 3: Get your ass over to Oostende this Saturday.
Step 4: Enjoy every minute of this wonderful night filled with fashion and friends!

See you all there!

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