Last week I was kindly invited by Garcia Jeans to come over and check out their newest collections. We were able to take a sneak peek at the summer collection and Simone explained us the whole story behind the brand and the designs that make the brand so unique.

I was mostly intrigued by the story about the 'attitude pocket'. Garcia noticed that women often stand quite 'stif' -when they're not dancing off course- and they wanted to give the single ladies some extra attention. That why they came up with the attitude pocket. Its a little pocket at the back of the jeans where you can put your thumb in while standing and it automatically gives your posture some 'attitude'. Can I hear a ow yeah?!

Simone did not only give us an information overload but on top of that, she styled us all in the perfect Garcia jeans for our figures. Hooray!

Thank you for the amazing evening, Garcia & PRAVDA!

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  1. Ik droeg vroeger heel wat Gracia, maar heb er al enkele jaren niets meer van gedragen. xo


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