Imagine being on a fair circa 1994 in Santa Monica. That's what I smell like lately according to Maison Martin Margiela. Their Replica collection is a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods.

What I love about the Fun Fair scent is that it starts off kinda spicy and after a while, only the warm vanilla-ish scent remains. It even reminds me a little of popcorn, yum!

The collection consists of five perfumes for women and one for men. You can discover all of them at Zin. in Leuven.

3 Lovely reactions :

  1. Klinkt zo zo tof!!! Ik wil het nu wel echt rieken want ik was op de fair in 1994 in Santa Monica! :p

  2. Wat een fijn verhaal erachter. Ik ken de geur niet, maar ben er wel eens benieuwd naar :) xo


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