This weekend I celebrated my birthday with some of my closest friends by indulging in cakes, pies, pancakes, cava and hot chocolate!!

I did however, discover that I'm not the best baker. I love cooking but apparently, baking isn't really my thing. My guests did seem to like the pies though, but I won't be taking the risk of baking again soon. I'll leave that to the professionals!

The last photo is a picture of the present my mom got me for my birthday. It's a work from the amazingly talented Maxo Renella, an Artist that lives and works in Barcelona. If you're visiting Barcelona, be sure to plan in a stop at Maxo's gallery to discover his work! No trip planned to sunny Barca any time soon? No problem, you can check out his Facebook page and website from your lazy couch.

Have a nice week!

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche

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  1. Ik deel uw mening! Ik hou van koken en ik haat echt bakken. Ik heb er geen geduld voor, het moet té precies en die geur vind ik meestal vies :-D. Sabrina, x.

  2. Super mooi cadeau! En leuke herinnering aan je tripje samen ;). Ik hou van bakken maar te weinig tijd voor om het echt veel te doen..

  3. Ziet er super leuk en gezellig uit! ;)

  4. Haha, die dino etagère! Zo leuk bedacht :) En nog eens een late fijne verjaardag gewenst :) xo

  5. Best B-day party ever :)! x


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