A new year, a new look. That seemed like a doable resolution for 2014 and tadaaaaam it already has been fulfilled. I ordered me some glasses on and I absolutely love them. They're not expensive at all so they're a great solution to not having to wear the same glasses all the time. It's crazy how other eyewear completely changes your look, don't you think.

Well, I guess the length of my hair could also have something to do with the change. I wanted something else this time so I went for a fun bob. I'm still surprised every time I come across a mirror but I really like it!

What about you guys. Do you like the new me? Or did you like my old look better?

Firmoo was a pleasure to work with/order from. Everything was very clear and they have a really nice range. What I liked best is definitely the photos from other customers under the glasses. This way you can see how they look on other people so you can compare face shapes and estimate if the glasses will look good on you or not.

For those of you that want to try out some Firmoo glasses themselves, I have some good news for you! If you use the code  ANOUKMEETSFASHIONLOGS4 you get a $30  discount. This is only valid on the Classic series Eyeglasses and is valid for one month from today. 

Here is a link to the glasses that I'm wearing.

If you would like to review Firmoo glasses on your blog, just check this link.

5 Lovely reactions :

  1. UW HAAR IS PRACHTIG!!!!!!!!! De bril ook, MAAR UW HAAR IS PRACHTIG!!!

  2. You really look so gorgeous there :)

  3. Kapsel en bril staan je beiden heel goed!

  4. Zalige foto's! U haar is zoooooo mooi! Ik dacht vanop Instagram eventjes dat je op ros was overgeschakeld, haha. xo


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