Apparently, Magnum and I are born in the same year! I don't have a clue what kind of party I will be throwing in December but Magnum did a pretty fine job celebrating its 25th birthday by organising a dipping bar at Salon du chocolat in Brussels.

I was invited to discover their brand new concept and who can say no to Magnum and chocolate?! So at first you get to choose the toppings you would like on top of your Magnum. I went for caramel fudge, white chocolate and pink praline but if you dare, you can even pick chili! After you've picked your toppings you just have to choose the kind of (Callebaut) chocolate you want and the chocolate for the finishing details. 

When you're delicious Magnum is ready you just have to wait one more minute so you'll experience the perfect 'crack' of the chocolate. It was amazingly delicious! Wouldn't mind setting up my own dipping bar at home! Any sponsors?

If you want to try your own Magnum dipping experience, just go check out their stand at Salon du Chocolat at Tour & Taxi's in Brussels this weekend! 

Have a nice weekend! 

7 Lovely reactions :

  1. So sad I couldn't make it.. Het zag er zo leuk uit, en zo lekker :D Ik zou denk ik ook voor caramel fudge gegaan zijn, mmh!

  2. Oh My God wat een leuk concept!

  3. Ik ben jammer genoeg ook niet kunnen gaan. So jealous en zo'n leuke blogpost! X

  4. Super leuk! ik kon er niet zijn (verjaardag mama). Yum!!!

  5. Ziet er echt SUPER LEKKER uit!

  6. Ik zag het allemaal al op Instagram, en het zag er zoooooo lekker uit! ^^ xo


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