I was very exited to here about the Natalie Joos and Kipling collaboration when I first heard about it! Kipling and I go way back, since I rocked a Kipling school bag with a monkey named Muriel. And now I still own a Kipling bag from their previous collection with Andy from Style Scrapbook.

Natalie designed a collection for 'Women on the move' and since she is one of these women herself, I guess it makes a lot of sense. The collection is bright and happy. And finding your luggage immediately when you're at the airport is just another big plus. She also designed her own Monkey. A white one which she stripped all naked except for her signature red lipstick, love it!

I'm a fan, what about you guys?

Rebecka (my fellow intern at Natalie Joos) and me!

8 Lovely reactions :

  1. Ik heb al een heeeele tijd niets meer gekocht bij Kipling!
    Maar deze kleurtjes maken de tassen wel extra cute!


  2. Mijn aapje was vroeger ook Muriel! Hahah!
    Leuke collectie!

  3. Heel Instagram stond vol die dag, en de collectie ziet er super leuk uit :) xo

  4. Ik vind de tas echt zalig! En mijn aapje vroeger was Petra (of toch die van mijn boekentas, want ik had een hele collectie :-D )


  5. I like! Nostalgie met die aapjes :D


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