Timberland -the only pair of shoes I own that really keep my feet warm during winter- presented their new #Inmyelement campaign to us last week. They asked three young creatives to spill about the place in the city they secretly escape to when needed.

Stijn Steyaert (actor/writer), Ish Ait Hamou (dancer/choreographer) and Benjamin Hertoghs (Nag from Eigen Makelij) showed us the place where they are the most 'in their element' via a cool photo shoot by Sien Josephine. And we got the honour to discover these awesome photos accompanied by some great beats, food and drinks!

Thank you UPR and Timberland for this lovely night & for keeping my dear feet warm!

Ph by Sien Josephine Teijssen and me.

Grietje and me. 

Marianne, Nag and me!

8 Lovely reactions :

  1. Nice pics, en ik hou echt van uw Timberlands! (En stiekem ook van Ish :-) )


  2. Mooie foto's van het event! Ik zag er op Instagram ook al heel wat passeren, maar vind het extra leuk om te zien dat je hebt kunnen "socializen" met de gezichten van de campagne ^^ xo

  3. Leuke foto's getrokken! Ziet er ook een heel fijn event uit


  4. Love timberlands! Zag er leuk uit!


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