I have a soft spot for volume. In my hair and in my clothing! So I practically fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. Sadly I haven't found a lot of occasions to wear it. 
This is the outfit I wore to a store opening here in Barcelona. I went with the lovely Karolina from Karusky and Charly from Enface'DL. It´s a lovely new store with really original clothing, designed by locals. If you're ever wandering around in Born, be sure to stop by Moes&Row in Carrer Flassaders. 

What am I wearing:

Top - Pull&Bear
Skirt - Zara 
Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith
Clutch - &OtherStories

Ph by Charlotte De Lange


When I was younger I went trough a hippie fase but to be honest, I always had a soft spot for bohemian fashion. Just looking at old photos from people at festivals in the sixties and seventies really makes me wanna travel back in time to be part of all that! Now where do they hide that car here in Barcelona?

What am I wearing:

Hat - Bershka 
Dress - Zara 
Top - Amator 
Shorts - Pull&Bear
Bracelet - Primark
Shoes - Steve Madden
Bag- Celine

Ph by Denise Tamburrino 

My awesome photographer Denise.


Good news for the preppy fans out there! Gant Rugger decided to bring out a collection for women. The story behind the collection is actually really funny. There were a lot of women that were big fans of the brand for guys, so they bought the clothes in XS and put them up on Instagram with the hashtag #girlsingantrugger. Gant picked up on this en decided to make a female version of their bestsellers and some new items as well.

I really like what they've done so far and I'm very curious about their next collections! Bring it on.

With the collaboration of Simon Hövenhof Frandsen.


Lately, I've been hanging out with my pretty, fellow blogger Audrey from Frassy. An amazingly talented lady with an awesome sense of style and humor! And as from now, you can get a piece of this lady's sense of style to add to your own wardrobe. Audrey designed a lovely pair of pineapple plimsolls for the brand Flossy. I absolutely adore wearing them. Instant summer feeling when I look down at my feet!

Sundays are for brunches and coffee breaks so that was what we did the last one. I almost felt like a local. Now I only need to learn Catalan! Oh and Spanish too actually..

Ph by Audrey Rogers

What am I wearing 

Dress - Stradivarius 
Bag 1 - Celine 
Necklace - Pull&Bear
Sunglasses - Stradivarius


Stripes always make me feel like a Parisienne. They're cute yet sophisticated. For the ones of you that were wondering: yes, living in Barcelona is pretty nice! I met some amazing people over here and it's amazing that there is something to do over here every single day! I don't think I will grow tired of this city ever.

What am I wearing 

Dress - Stradivarius
Sneakers - Spartoo - Find them on this website
Bag - Celine 
PH by Audrey Rogers


Monochrome is my middle name. I think these colours that aren't actually colours attract me because of their sophistication. So minimal and yet a great monochrome outfit always attracts my attention. During fashion week for example. That is truly the time to blow everyone away with your colour combinations and print overdoses. But still, I'm drawn to the people that stand out even without having to yell with their outfit. Simple yet elegant. I do believe it's great to switch with colour once in a while. Life without colour would be kinda boring.

What about you guys? Are you pro colour or do you tend to pick black and white as sartorial choices?

What am I wearing 

Top - Amator 
Skirt - Zara 
Bag - Celine 
Boots - Spartoo - find them on this website

Ph by Audrey Rogers


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