Stripes always make me feel like a Parisienne. They're cute yet sophisticated. For the ones of you that were wondering: yes, living in Barcelona is pretty nice! I met some amazing people over here and it's amazing that there is something to do over here every single day! I don't think I will grow tired of this city ever.

What am I wearing 

Dress - Stradivarius
Sneakers - Spartoo - Find them on this website
Bag - Celine 
PH by Audrey Rogers

9 Lovely reactions :

  1. Een simpele maar supermooie outfit. Love it!

  2. Staat je super!

  3. Looking Very Pretty.

    I have got your blog's link from Audrey Leighton Rogers (http://www.befrassy.net)

    I had seen your pic in her latest blog ..... You have twisted your lips on that blog.

  4. Beautiful outfit, I love the striped dress - because you can just put it on and it looks great.
    Have a nice week, Lali

  5. Ik ben nog steeds echt zot op je tattoo!! En stripes always good!


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