This Saturday, the autumn greys made some unexpected room for sunshine, so we could leave our jumpers home and head to the beach one last time. Lately, the temperature kept dropping and the skies were painted in all 50 shades of grey. (hihi) So I gave my wardrobe a makeover and made some place for my beloved boots and jackets.

Although it is only September, it itches really hard to just wear boots all the time! What do you guys think, is the appropriate time to change your sartorial shoe choices. Does it depend on the weather? Or is there a fixed date that says: Now it's ok to wear boots.
I wonder...

Oh by the way, did you guys see my article pass by on the Spartoo website?
I'm featured on their trends page! Check it out here: Spartoo.

What am I wearing:

Top - Topshop 
Shorts - Pull&Bear
Boots - Spartoo - Shop here
Sunglasses - Michael Kors

Ph by Roy Dik

6 Lovely reactions :

  1. Ik vind dit wel een toffe combinatie : een zomerse zwarte outfit met zwarte booties, why not?
    Eerlijk gezegd draag ik nog geen laarzen/laarsjes maar nog steeds ballerina's en sandalen, wat soms niet zo aangenaam is als er plots een regenbui is maar voorlopig vind ik het nog warm genoeg; ja, zelfs hier in Belgiƫ ! (hout vasthouden!!)
    xo Lyn

  2. Love those boots! And aren't sunny autumn days the best? ^^

  3. Zalig dat jij daar nog in topjes kan rondlopen. Ik wil ook naar Barcelona! :D


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