Oh boy. If I were rich, I would have to own an extra appartement just for all the shoes I would buy. Wherever I go, I find a pair of shoes. I just have this huge amount of love for whatever goes on to your feet. However, I have the biggest fear of feet. They cannot touch me and nobody can touch mine.

It didn't really come as a big shocker though when my mom told me that my great grandfather was a shoe designer. I guess it just had to be in the family.

Here are some shoes I've been craving lately - or not so lately.

All these photos are found on Tumblr. Check out for more!

5 Lovely reactions :

  1. Mooie selectie! Vooral die van de nieuwste Chanel collectie!

  2. Love the shoes!

  3. Ik zou het niet erg vinden deze in mijn shoe-closet terug te vinden! ;) Zeker de onderste twee paar zijn helemaal mijn stijl :)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  4. Love for all these fantastic shoes :) Probably not in my price range ;)

    x Wilmke -


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