I still have so many things on my bucketlist before I leave beautiful Barcelona! Tibidabo was definitely one of them. So last weekend, Celine and I went on a little trip to Barcelona's highest 'mountain'. We did not make it to the top since the funicular wasn't working, but the view from halfway was already incredible!

What am I wearing

Jacket - Zara 
Sweater - Kid Vanilla 
Jeans - Pull&Bear
Shoes - find them here - spartoo 
Beanie - Vier Antwerp 
Bag - Zara

Ph by Celine Tassaert


Another piece that cannot miss from your wardrobe: the bomber jacket. To make your summer dress a bit rougher or to finish your tomboy look. This jacket just fits so many styles! And this one has a big plus: fake fur inside! Oh boy you cannot believe the softness on this one. It's actually the same fur as my other jacket. But now on the inside. Yay!

Maybe some of you have read the big news already, but I'll be moving to Amsterdam next month! I'm starting as a stylist for the Cloakroom. My main goal will be to try and make Belgian men more fashionable exactly how they prefer it: easy and quick. If your man doesn't like shopping but he loves looking great, there is only one solution: let him subscribe on thecloakroom.be and let my colleagues and me do the work!

See you soon.

What am I wearing

Bomber Jacket - Zara
Jeans - Stradivarius 
Sweater - Zara 
Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith 
Bag - Zara 

Ph by Roy Dik 


Hi guys! Let me introduce you to my new favourite denim brand. Well, actually I mentioned them before here. But not in an outfit post yet. Their boyfriend fit model is absolutely to-die-for and what I love most about this brand is that they're not afraid to experiment. Like this model for example. I just adore the bold glitter, electric blue combination! And when you check out the website you'll find out that they're not afraid of different materials, colours and cuts! Hooray for the awesome, creative minds behind this brand!

The shoes are a collaboration between one of Belgium's most know skate shops, founded in the heart of the fashion capital: Antwerp. You all know I don't really hide my love for patent leather and the bright red sole is an incredibly nice touch.

What am I wearing:

Sweater - Zara 
Shoes - Lockwood x Nike 
Bag - Vintage

Ph by Roy Dik


Skirts. There is no better invention to layer your winter wardrobe than skirts. Knee socks, denim shirts, sweaters, jumpers, you name it! They're all so wonderfully together! I found it at urban outfitters during the sales. As you probably know by now, I'm not big on sales. Love the prices - hate the commotion. Chaos is really not my scene. Here in Spain, sales are really big. I guess the economic crisis still has a lot to do with it but really, after only one day, half of all the stores were empty. Even when you want to keep away from the chaos and shop online, you have to order it within 30min or your size is gone. Well it definitely makes the challenge to find great pieces more exiting!

I'm keeping this outfit pretty simple. But you'll see this skirt coming by some more. That's for sure!

What am I wearing:

Jacket - Pull&Bear
Shirt - Pull&Bear
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Zara 
Bag - Zara 
Scarf - Pull&Bear


At one point in our life, every girl wants to be a princess. My favourite Disney character was always Pocahontas. But the story of Cinderella always struck me too. I mean, who loses a shoe?! I am in love with shoes. I absolutely wouldn't mind dedicating my whole life to shoes by starting my own shoe label for example, so I cannot wrap my head around losing a shoe.

Luckily for her it all ended pretty well. She got the guy and her shoe back. Now that's what I call a happily ever after.

What am I wearing:

Dress - Naf Naf (wearing it like a skirt here)
Jumper - Caprice de fille
Shoes - Nike x Lockwood 

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche 


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