At one point in our life, every girl wants to be a princess. My favourite Disney character was always Pocahontas. But the story of Cinderella always struck me too. I mean, who loses a shoe?! I am in love with shoes. I absolutely wouldn't mind dedicating my whole life to shoes by starting my own shoe label for example, so I cannot wrap my head around losing a shoe.

Luckily for her it all ended pretty well. She got the guy and her shoe back. Now that's what I call a happily ever after.

What am I wearing:

Dress - Naf Naf (wearing it like a skirt here)
Jumper - Caprice de fille
Shoes - Nike x Lockwood 

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche 

4 Lovely reactions :

  1. Wauw, wat een zalige foto's! Heb de Lockwood sneakers ook, soooo beautiful! X

  2. Haha ik moest eigenlijk meteen aan de sound of music denken toen ik de eerste foto zag :D Mooi, heel sprookjesachtig!
    Naomi, x

  3. Supermooie foto's, Anouk. Ik ben grote fan van het kleed (in dit geval dus de rok).


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