It's a wrap. I packed my bags and said goodbye to a city I loved this weekend. I have met a lot of great people, got to know some of the best restaurants and bars (check them out in this weeks Flair magazine!) and I discovered some amazing places. The goodbye was hard but the fact that I'm starting a new fashion adventure, in an awesome city with the raddest boyfriend eases the pain a lot!

I'm looking forward to biking in the city, eating 'kroket' and laughing with my new colleagues.
Time for a new chapter in the Anoukmeetsfashion book.

These pictures are taken on the wonderful 'mountain' of Montjuic by the talented Hannelore Vandendriessche aka mom.

What am I wearing 

Jacket - Zara
Jumper - Bershka 
Jeans - Zara 
Jewellery - Mango and D lirio


During my stay in Barcelona I discovered some really nice neighbourhoods, secret places and talented designers. But one of them really caught my attention. It's actually kind of a funny story how I got to know Lola Nomada and the girls behind it:

Friday night, my boyfriend and I went out to our favourite bar 'The Box' and after a few delicious cocktails we started talking with the lovely owners. When Marya found out Roy was Dutch and I'm into fashion, she started telling me about her friend Annabel who has a start up fashion company with fashion from all over the world. I saved everything in my phone for re-reading it sober.

A few days later I'm cleaning my 'notes' and there it is 'Lola Nomada'. I vaguely remembered the entire conversation but it was enough to get me Googleling pretty much everything there was to know about the brand.

Some e-mails later I went over to the Lola Nomada showroom. (Which is actually three blocks from my work!) To meet the brains (and beauty) behind this worldly brand.

When I met Annabel I could sense her fash-feel from a mile away. And I can see her style breathing throughout the collection. She truly found some treasures in those hidden corners of the world.

Discover what Lola Nomada has to offer on their website.
At the moment you can only shop Lola Nomada in Creme Fraiche in Knokke but if you are planning a trip to The Netherlands, Barcelona, Ibiza or even US, make sure to keep your eyes open for the boho LN items!

My personal favourites are the bibi top and the clutches! What about you guys?


Temperatures are slowly rising, here in Barcelona. But I'm dreaming away about a summer holiday already. Especially when I saw this bathing suit popping into my mailbox. Every year I have my favourite items so I guess this is the first one so far.

I can see myself wearing this on a tropical Island but also on a summer festival combined with a loose kimono and some high waist shorts.

Keep an eye out for my next favourite shopping tips!

Bathing suit - shop at Oneill


This editorial with the un-photoshopped, real-as-sh*it, legendary Kate Moss is just to die for.
I want to see more of these realistic shoots. Bring out the human kind of fashion and photography, show us some genuine beauty.

Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh.

Source: Trendland


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