Ahhh Summertime is coming! I'm still dreaming about those beach vacations but they're gonna be here sooner than later. So let's get creative and mix and match our sartorial summer.

If you are as messy as me, you've probable been through the exact same problem as me: finding a matching bikini top and bottom in your underwear drawer. Well O'neill has the answer to all our prayers. With the O'neill mix and match collection you can combine tops and bottoms endlessly. Hell to the yes.

Check it out on their website and combine your own set right here.


I think it is absolutely amazing that fashion and consciousness are finally going hand in hand. Making clothes takes so much from the earth so when we shop we should definitely consider that. Looking good should do good too.

I went to the pre-shopping event here in Amsterdam to check out the Conscious collection before it hit the store. I fell in love with the prints and the shapes instantly. This particular collection truly transcends all the previous conscious designs they have ever made. It just screams fashion and I love it!

I managed to get my hands on the beautiful maxi skirt. Sadly I don't really have a big event to wear it to this Summer but maybe that means that I should wear it every day!

Did you get any of the pieces?
I saw that there are still some pieces available in the H&M webshop. And yes, you have read this correctly. We can now shop H&M online in Belgium, hooray!

Ph by Secondagenda


Have you guys already heard about this stylish Danish brand called ICHI? Because I know you'll love it! When Christina from ICHI asked my to work together I was totally in. Apart from the fashionable Scandinavian roots, the brand is also very affordable and comfortable. Hell yes! Here I'm wearing the see through lace top and the grey skinny jeans.

And some other big news: I've dyed my hair! This was a total first-timer for me. I had an ombre, way back but I did that one myself (with a little help from mom who had to fix the back part since I couldn't see that in the mirror). But I never had the complete hairdresser make over, up until now.

At first I had an advice talk with Loren at Salon B. We discussed how we would proceed and what colour(s) I would like. My initial idea was white blonde with an ashy shine. But Loren advised me to go in two steps. Step one is as light as possible with an ashy undertone and after a while when my hair recovered from the bleaching I can go even whiter.

The whole experience was amazing. Being pampered and catching up on all the magazines, what more can a girl wish for on a Sunday? Eventually the colour turned out to be a bit more grey than I expected but I absolutely love it. It truly makes my eyes pop, don't you think? And in every kind of light the colour changes a little.

A big thanks to both ICHI and Loren from Salon B!

What am I wearing: 

Jacket - Pull&Bear
Top - ICHI
Jeans - ICHI
Shoes - Nike x Lockwood 
Bag - Chanel
Hair by Salon B
Glasses - Tavat

Ph by Roy Dik.


If I had to choose a uniform, it would probably be something like this. A really nice pair of jeans, a simple white T and a good leather jacket. With these items you simply cannot go wrong (well you can but please, don't). I topped it of with a rockin' belt and some nice sunnies and bam, a rock chick is born!

I'm o so happy by the way that the weather is getting better! Leather jacket season is officially openend... Yes, I'm also talking to you, handsome fellahs!

What am I wearing

Sunglasses - Mango
Jacket - Pull&Bear
Tshirt - Kid Vanilla
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Belt - H&M
Jeans - Zara
Boots - Find them right here - Spartoo

Ph by Anneloes Keizer


This weekend was the first weekend of the Coachella madness. Since we all know, this is the festival all celebrities try to show off their fashion skills. It's truly the place to be seen when it comes to bohemian and festival fashion.

California is definitely on my list and so is Coachella! So it's time to start saving up and cross all these off the travel bucket list. While saving up I can luckily wear some lovely boho clothes just here in Amsterdam on those sunny days.

What am I wearing

Jacket - Pull&Bear
Top - Zara
Jeans - Pull&Bear 
Shoes - Zara 
Bag - Vintage

Ph by SecondAgenda.


Slowly I'm getting used to the Dutch way of life. The tulips, bikes, rain and canals are now officially a big part of my everyday life. But the thing that takes most adjusting to, is hearing people talk my own language. I loved the 'incognito' feeling I had in Barcelona by being able to talk a language that almost no one understood. Questions like 'are you Swedish?' or 'What is that funny language you are talking?' came by regularly.

Well, I can still be a little incognito since a lot of words are different in Flemish. I just have to watch out when I curse right now.

What am I wearing:

Sweater - & Other Stories 
Jeans - Pull&Bear
Shoes - Zara 
Bag - Vintage

Ph by Anneloes Keizer


YI am such a big fan of the 70's revival! I truly am a sucker for all things bohemian and flared. I even had my 'hippie fase' when I was younger. In which I refused to wear shoes for a while and I didn't leave the house without a bandana, oh yes.

I could never live without shoes anymore but bring on that bohemian! I bought this super cute off shoulder top by the way, which I'm gonna show you in one of my next posts. Oh I can't wait for summer!

Ph by Secondagenda.

What am I wearing:

Jacket - pull&bear 
Jumper - H&M
Skirt - Zara
Boots - Comptoir des cottoniers
Sunglasses - Tavat eyewear
Bag - Celine 


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