Have you guys already heard about this stylish Danish brand called ICHI? Because I know you'll love it! When Christina from ICHI asked my to work together I was totally in. Apart from the fashionable Scandinavian roots, the brand is also very affordable and comfortable. Hell yes! Here I'm wearing the see through lace top and the grey skinny jeans.

And some other big news: I've dyed my hair! This was a total first-timer for me. I had an ombre, way back but I did that one myself (with a little help from mom who had to fix the back part since I couldn't see that in the mirror). But I never had the complete hairdresser make over, up until now.

At first I had an advice talk with Loren at Salon B. We discussed how we would proceed and what colour(s) I would like. My initial idea was white blonde with an ashy shine. But Loren advised me to go in two steps. Step one is as light as possible with an ashy undertone and after a while when my hair recovered from the bleaching I can go even whiter.

The whole experience was amazing. Being pampered and catching up on all the magazines, what more can a girl wish for on a Sunday? Eventually the colour turned out to be a bit more grey than I expected but I absolutely love it. It truly makes my eyes pop, don't you think? And in every kind of light the colour changes a little.

A big thanks to both ICHI and Loren from Salon B!

What am I wearing: 

Jacket - Pull&Bear
Top - ICHI
Jeans - ICHI
Shoes - Nike x Lockwood 
Bag - Chanel
Hair by Salon B
Glasses - Tavat

Ph by Roy Dik.

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