I think it is absolutely amazing that fashion and consciousness are finally going hand in hand. Making clothes takes so much from the earth so when we shop we should definitely consider that. Looking good should do good too.

I went to the pre-shopping event here in Amsterdam to check out the Conscious collection before it hit the store. I fell in love with the prints and the shapes instantly. This particular collection truly transcends all the previous conscious designs they have ever made. It just screams fashion and I love it!

I managed to get my hands on the beautiful maxi skirt. Sadly I don't really have a big event to wear it to this Summer but maybe that means that I should wear it every day!

Did you get any of the pieces?
I saw that there are still some pieces available in the H&M webshop. And yes, you have read this correctly. We can now shop H&M online in Belgium, hooray!

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