When Nike invited me to take their new Vomero 10's on a testrun, I felt challenged. I haven't been practicing any sports for quite a while now so I was kinda curious how my condition would be.

I went on a run a week before the test to check if I wouldn't drop dead the first 5 min and I survived all 3.2 km of it. Since they mentioned it would be some warming up exercises and a little run through the city, I felt totally ready.

When I arrived at the spot, I wasn't surrounded by bloggers but a real running crew, the Urban Runners! My heart started racing even before the activities started. So after the little warm up, we started running. The tempo was already twice as high as my normal tempo and we even had to do little sprints in between! 6.6 km later you could pick me up from the floor! I felt like I was ran over by a truck. And I couldn't walk elegantly for at least 3 days after the run.

But I'm happy I did it and it truly made me realise I have to do more sports to keep up my 'condition' or at least what is left of it.

 The shoes were really nice though. Normally the pain in my knees prevents me from running too long but because of the great support, my knees could take some more. It is so important to invest in good shoes. You only have one body! So I guess I'll have to make a trip to the Nike store soon to get me some.

Ph by David Stegenga


My friend Marie from Barcelona started bringing over these lovely fabrics from Africa, to have something to remind her of her past. These ethnic prints don't just make you dream about a trip to the Savanna, they bring an amazing ethnical vibe to your home. I for example am a huge fan of bringing some contrast in the room with little details. These will definitely do the trick.

Stay tuned because she has some awesome headbands coming up in her Etsy shop as well!

Check out Mo Sama Home on Etsy here.


If I were rich, I would take you all to Cannes in my private jet right now. But sadly, we have to face the fact that I'm not quite there yet. However, Magnum offered me (and you) the perfect solution!

We are giving away 5 duotickets to follow the amazing night of the palmares live from the Belgian cinema. This vip event takes place on the 24th of May in Kinepolis Antwerpen, Kinepolis Gent, UGC De Brouckere, Acinapolis Namur and Kinepolis Liege.

Magnum will spoil you guys with bubbles, a delicious Magnum Pink (raspberry) or Black (espresso) and of course tickets to a film from the official Festival of Cannes selection.
These are the 3 movies:

What do you have to do to win:

2. Leave me a comment telling me which movie you want to see, the theatre you want to see this movie in and your email address.


A little touch of boho while strolling the streets of Amsterdam with my mom. You obviously noticed my mom loves to take photos and that she is pretty good at it! She literally goes nowhere without an item that can catch everything on photo, like her Ipad, phone or camera.

While discovering the city we bumped into the local fair. I love the atmosphere around fairs and I just could not withstand this huge cotton candy. It felt oh so nostalgic!

What am I wearing:

Cardigan - A.F. Vandevorst
Jacket - Pull&Bear
Jeans - Zara
Hat - H&M
Blouse - Zara
Bag - Chanel

Ph by Hannelore Vandendriessche


Since I have been living in a couple of cities now, I believe I owe it to you guys to share my hot spots. You might have seen my Barcelona guide passing by in Flair Belgium but I still have a lot more secret places to share!

Here's one in Amsterdam. A delicious dinner experience on a boat, you cannot go more Dutch than this! The food and service was outstanding and the atmosphere was just to die for. Certainly one for your to-do list when visiting Amsterdam. Be sure to order one of their light and tasty pizza's.


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